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Ciro DOC

Most important DOC. Handful of producers, quality starting to be recognised. Gaglioppo principal grape, produces a hefty red, more focus on small barrel ageing to produce an international style.



Currently the only doc of any quantitative significance in the southern Italian region of calabria.


Calabria: General

Most rural & least industrialised wine region; poor infrastructure; very fragmented ownership (avg


Calabria: Climate and Climate

Mediterranean climate. Hot and dry near the coast most of the year. Winter in the interior can be cold & harsh.


Calabria: Topography and Soils

The ‘toe’ of Italy; extreme south-west peninsula. Most of the vineyards are on the eastern & western coastline.

Mountainous area with 42% mountainous, 42% hilly and only 9% plains.


Calabria: Gagliopo

Predominant red grape in Calabria

Thrives in dry conditions and reaches hi sugar levels


Calabria: Maglioco

Dark-berried grape often blended w Gaglioppo


Calabria: Other Red Wine Grapes

Aglianico, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot


Calabria: Greco

Believed to be of Greek origin

Tends to mature very late

Deep colour w aromas of peaches & fresh green foliage


Calabria: Other White Wine Grapes

Montonico (sweet wines) Trebbiano Toscano, Malvasia, Chardonnay


Calabria: Ciro DOC (R/W)

- Located on the eastern coast, on the foothills of La Sila massif; calcareous marl, some clay and sand

- Handful of producers w quality starting to be recognised.

- Wines are typically very tannic and full bodied w strong fruit flavours. Can be a bit prickly and acidic. Best
drunk 3-4 years after release to let the tannins soften.

- Some producers are experimenting w barrique maturation to give the wine are more international style.


Calabria: Other Appellations

Pollino DOC (near Basilicata), Greco di Bianco DOC (sweet wine from the south)


Calabria: Production and Key Producers

13,000ha for 0.5m hl/yr & only 6% DOC

Librandi (2m btls) is the best producer w ‘Gravello’, a Gaglioppo-Cabernet & ‘Magno Megonio’ from Magliocco.