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Who manages the restricted airspace?

Range officer


Who controls the restricted area

Eagle radio


What is mandatory for all flights operating within the reservation

Flight following with eagle radio


Is Eagle radio required to monitor continuously for updated range information



Aircraft operating in the north and south maintenance test flight areas are required to do what

Contact campbell approach


What is the procedures for aviators to flight follow with their respective units

If the unit established an SOP THAT ESTABLISHES positive flight following procedures which include

opening and closing of flight plans
Clearly defined routes of flight
Initiate appropriate action on overdue or missing aircraft
Transfer active flight plans to an appropriate agency prior to ceasing ops


What does Eagle radio provide for fort campbell

Flight following services for all flights conducted within the restricted area r3702 A B C


What is the phone number for ore recorded ATIS messages



What are the ATIS

VHF 141.35
UHF - 365.05


What frequencies are for flight following and advisory services



What frequencies are for eagle preflight

FM 65.20 - HOP
265.5 - EOD


What is eagle radios function

Provide VFR flight following service for all flights conducted within the restricted airspace of r3701 and 3702, which includes flights in the reservation

Disseminate range data m selected LCL NOTAMS, and any other pertinent info to aircrews as changes occurs

Disseminate real time updates of range data, selected LCL NOTAMS, flight safety information to aircrews as changes occur

Comply with procedures outlined in the missing aircraft sectio of cam reg 385-3


Eagle radio does not provide what type of service

Radar traffic advisories outside r3702


Who should aircraft contact for radar traffic advisories

Campbell approach control exiting 3702


What is the benefit and purpose of preflight coordination

Simplify flight following procedures and relieves flight following frequency congestion by transmitting essential flight info to eagle radio prior to takeoff.


What information is operations required to give eagle reference flight plans

Call sign
Type and # of aircraft
Tail number of each aircraft
Estimated time of departure. If flying an off post route and then entering the reservation...state the estimated time and location for entering the reservation
Initial destination/sector on the reservation
Clearly defined route of flight to initial destination on the reservation
Unit assignment
No of POB
Aided / unaided


She is is automatic preflight coordination accomplished

When pilots file local flight plans with campbell or Sabre operations


When are pilots required to contact eagle preflight on the FM PRIOR TO departure

Pilots operating from field sites without telephone facilities


When can eagle preflight cancel flight plans

Unless updated with campbell or SABRE operations, flight plans not activated within two hours of proposed departure time can be cancelled


Who must contact eagle preflight and what is the exception

All flights entering or overflying the reservation must contact eagle preflight onFM PRIOR to takeoff

Exception - flights originating and remaining in joint, brigand or blackout sectors and not flight following with eagle radio


What are the preflight briefing requirements

Ensure aircrew has current RIS
assign a transponder code
Verify route of flight and initial destination on the reservation or that aircraft will overfly but not land on the reservation
Advise of traffic/safety considerations along the route of flight and the number of flights in the destination sector if the sector is for open use


What information is eagle preflight required to coordinate

Flight plan changes to include number of aircraft in flight and tail numbers, call signs, number of POB


What frequency is flight following required to be on

VHF radio


What is required to operate and be able to fly in the restricted area

Am operational VHF radio


What happens if a VHF radio failure occurs

Contact eagle radio on UHF and depart the restricted area unless approved by eagle radio on case by case basis


What happens if both UHF AND VHF radio failure occurs

Contact eagle radio on FM


What are pilots required to issue to eagle radio to request flight following services

Call sign


What happens after pilots initial flight following request with eagle radio

Eagle radio acknowledges the call and transmits the following

Any known or anticipated traffic or other condition that may affect the flight

Update RIS


When are positions reports by pilots required

Designation is reached
Destination is changed
30 minutes elapsed since last contact unless pilots stares indefinite ground time,min such cases, pilots must contact eagle radio when airborne again
When requested by eagle radio


position reports can be made in relation to what

Reporting points
Check points
Natural or man made terrain features
Training sectors
Training areas
Grid coordinates