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Where are ambulances dispatched from

BACH - blanch army community hospital


Which fire station is located between hangar 1 and hangar 1

Fire station 3


Which fire station. Is located at taxiway K and destiny ramp intersection in bldg 7241

Station 4


Where is Sabre tower fire station located

South side of the tower (station 2)


Who provides air ambulance support

Civilian contractors


Who is responsible for notifying the contractor to dispatch air ambulance

Range control


Which frequency so non military aircraft use and why


Civilian radio limitations


Where do Medevac capable helicopters depart from

Air evac and lifeFlight from Vanderbilt medical center


Air Evac and lifeFlight aircraft are permantly assigned what code

lifeFlight 1 0101

LifeFlight 2 0102

LifeFlight 3 0103

LifeFlight 4 0104


What are FF1 responsibilities during and emergency

Coordinate search and rescue and lifeFlight aircraft to the site of the aircraft accident/incident. Initiate radio search and rescue search as advised by FD on overdue or missing aircraft

Obtain enough info to handle the emergency, PL, and or incident. Ensure info is passed to FD for dissemination to appropriate agency/unit

Provide assistant as necessary as required by the pilot


What are FD responsibilities during and emergency

Provides pertinent info on aircraft emergencies and PL to Campbell flight dispatch for activation of the PCAS

Coordinate with flight following 1as directed by the SL

Relay to Hop and eod dispatch overdue aircraft info

Request cease fire from range control for all applicable ranges that will affect responding aircraft route of flight


What is FF2 responsibility during an emergency

As directed by SL


What is SL responsibility during and emergency

Ensure that Campbell flight dispatch is notified of aircraft emergency

Ensure that Campbell and sabre flight dispatch is notified of lost or overdue aircraft

Notify facility chief / ATC chief

Notify range control as required

Notify any other agency/facility/personnel as required by airfield SOPand FAA 7110.65


Who can close runways after an accident/incident

Campbell and sabre tower


Whose responsibility is it to clear and reopen runways.

Airfield commander


Who do you notify in the event of and aircraft accident/incident

Shift leader/controller in charge


Who does the shift leader report aircraft accidents to

Campbell flight dispatch to activated crash alarm

Facility ATC chief

Range control

Any other personnel required by 7110.65


Who is responsible I activate the primary crash phone

HOP dispatch

HOP tower

EOD ops

EOD tower


Who is responsible to activated the secondary notification system

HOP dispatch


Who is responsible to notify HOP dispatch and ensure they understand that Search and rescue procedures need to be implemented

The facility responsible for the airspace in which an unknown emergency beacon code appeared


Who handles onfield incidents/accidents

EOD and Campbell tower


What steps of an off airfield accident and or incident

All off field incident and accident involving military aircraft will be reported to HOP dispatch

Mark the last observed position in radar display

Activate a 2km restricted operating zone (ROZ) at the site. ROZ will be restricted to authorized aircraft only monitoring the accident site emergency frequency VhF 123.1

Obtain and relay pertinent info.


What do you do when a pilot reports he/she a PL

Notify HOP dispatch and give them the info the pilots gave you.


What is the minimum required info for an emergency

Aircraft ID and type

Nature of emergency

Pilots desires

After initiating action, obtain other pertinent info as outline in 7110.65


What is ESCAT

Special operations as emergency conditions which threaten national security but do not warrant the declaration of a defense emergency, air defense emergency or the control of NAVAIDs


Who will disseminate ESCAT implementation instructions to US civil and military air traffic control facilities and advise air traffic control facilities



What is the civil and military ATC responsibilities

Maintain current information on the status of restrictions imposed on traffic

Process flight plans in accordance with current instructions received from ARTCC. All flights must comply with the airspace control measures in effect, the ESCAT air traffic priority list

Disseminate instructions and restrictions to air traffic as directed by ARTCC


What are the time requirements for overdue aircraft

Wait 30 minutes after last required position report

1 hour from last time you received a report from the aircraft

Check the radar scope to see if the aircraft assigned beacon code is observed or depicted


What do you do if you observe an overdue aircraft beacon code

Continue to attempt to contact the aircraft


What do you do if you are unable to contact and overdue aircraft or the assigned beacon code is not observed

Request nearby aircraft to attempt contact on sector frequencies