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What disease syndromes are associated with BVDV infection in camelids?

- Diarrhoea.
- Ill thrift.
- Reproductive losses or congenital infection --> PI crias.
- Disseminated disease.


What is the period of susceptibility of camelid foetuses for induction of BVDV PIs?

Unknown, as the gestation period of camelids is much longer than cattle.


What methods can be used to diagnose BVDV infection in camelids?

- Virus isolation from LNs, blood, foetal tissues, placenta.
- PCR from whole blood.
- IHC on formalin fixed tissues.
- NB antigen-capture ELISA used in cattle can give false positive results.
- PI-specific assays used in cattle e.g. BVD viral antigen ELISAs on ear notches or serum have not been validated in camelids.


Is there a BVDV vaccine licensed for use in camelids?

Use of cattle vaccines is not recommended as this is not a widespread problem in camelids.


Adenovirus-associated pneumonia has been reported in four camelids. What type of virus is this? What clinical signs and necropsy findings were reported?

- Double-stranded DNA virus.
- Bronchopneumonia, fibrinous pleuritis and peritonitis, chronic wasting, nasal discharge and lethargy.
- Inclusion bodies in liver and virus detected by fluorescent antibody testing in lungs.


What virus has been implicated (but not proven) to be the cause of acute respiratory syndrome in alpacas?

- A group 1 coronavirus.
- Mild to severe respiratory signs; interstitial pneumonia with lymphocytic infiltrates on post mortem exam.