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blue-skinned "comet in human form" that's official mascot of UTD; designed by a student in 1998; official adopted 4/1998; used to be called Blaze



invented in early 1990s; became a way for UTD students to show campus unity; named because it's sound a comet would make if there was sound in space;
1. Make a fist with your left hand and put it in front of your mouth. 2. Extend your right arm out and slightly upward, with palm down and fingers extended. 3. Lean to the left and say "-----!“
mini version: place thumb and first finger to make an "O," and make the other three fingers extend horizontally above the "O" to represent the tail of the comet



UTD community engages in pinky-hooking when it's sung

Alma Mater


a series of events + activities that celebrates arrival of new students + return of continuing students (Cometvill Carnival, Breakfast Bonanza, Rec N' Wild, TX Party); starts w/ University Convocation

Weeks of Welcome


celebrates special connection btwn students + their families; held annually ea. fall; includes meet-and-greets with faculty and staff, a picnic, a sporting event, family games, and campus tours; Sat. Oct. 7th; Res Halls will facilitate an open house in ea. building

Family Day


held in fall; activities include a parade, pep rally, 5k, tailgate party, dance, alumni events, + a casino night; culminates with a basketball game



many students do this during finals week; Green, along w/ McDermott and Jonsson, founded the Graduate Research Center of the Southwest, which became UTD in 1969; effigy is located outside Green Hall

Rubbing Cecil Green's Head for Luck