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What kind of gambling was legal prior to 1969?

- betting between individuals
- horse race betting done in person at a racetrack
- occasional charity or religious raffles (includes bingo) involving small prizes
- games of chance at agricultural fairs


What kinds of illegal gambling took place prior to 1969?

- illegal lotteries
- slot machines
- sports betting


What happened in 1969?

- Some forms of gambling made legal in canada
- lottery schemes done by provinces, federal issued gaming licenses,
- beginning of major changes to CCC that led to availability of most forms of gambling in Canada


What year was Alberta's first lottery?



What mistake did Ottowa make in 1979?

Withdrew from lotteries in return for a small inflation-adjusted payment from the provinces. They seriously underestimated the future revenue from lottiers and the payout was too small in retrospect.


What happened in 1985?

Federal government modified to make all forms of gambling (except horse racing) solely under provincial jurisdiction


What percentage of Albertans contribute what percentage of all gambling revenue?

- 6% contribute 75% of all gambling revenue


What province has the highest gambling revenue per adult?

- Saskatchewan
- Alberta has the highest expenditure per capita however.


What is the current legal framework for gambling in canada?

- all gambling illegal, except:
- betting between individuals
- betting on horse racing (on or off-track)
- "lottery schemes" this is interpreted by provincial governments as any form of gambling operated by provincial governments.


What forms of gambling may the provincial governments NOT operate?

- pari-mutual horse racing
- betting on single sporting or racing events
-3-card Monte


Who owns and operates casinos in Alberta? What is the revenue structure?

- owned and operated by private companies
-operators collect all revenue from table games and 15% of revenue from EGM's in the casino
-charities who host 2 day casino events also recieve 15% of the revenue from the EGM's during those 2 days.
- all 365 days are assigned to different charities ( 3 yr waiting list in lethbridge for a charity group to have a 2 day casino event.)


What is the main difference in first nations casinos (origin) in the US vs Canada?

- in the US, native casinos are dominant outside nevada
-introduced prior to non-native casinos
- in canada, first nations casinos are much less common and were primarily introduced after non-first-nations casinos


which province has the most first nations casinos?

- Saskatchewan (6/8)
- 5/24 in Alberta


What percentage of Canadians gamble?

76% gamble at all
- 65 percent took place in lotteries
- 36 in scratch tickets