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TB#57 When checking into staging during and incident that involves an Evacuation component, Captains Shall inform ____ of availability of ___:

Staging officers
multilingual personnel assigned


TB#57 The primary responsibility for coordinating management of evacuation centers lies with:

The Dept of Recreation and parks


TB#57 The types of evacuation include:

Sheltering in place
Voluntary evacuation
Mandatory evacuation


TB#57 Evacuation pre-planning must consider:

The number of evacuees to be moved
The means
and final destination


TB#57 The most overlooked function that occurs during a mass evacuation is :

Is a provision for the evacuees pets


TB#57 The department's ultimate goal in the evacuation process is to:

effectively move civilians to a safe location.


TB#57 The authority for the LAFD and LAPD to close an area and order and evacuation is provided in:

Penal coad section 409.5
Los Angeles Charter Section 131 & 132
Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 57.01.21
Los Angeles Administrative Code Section 22.224


TB#57 The MTA indicates that they can provide buses to transportation points within ____ for Mass evacuation:

45 minutes


TB# 75 During a bombing or suspected bombing incident, under what circumstances can an evacuation be ordered:

member in charge may give the order to evacuate location if they believe it is necessary.


TB#75 Who may enter a secure area where a bombing has occurred or a suspected bomb is located:

Once the area is secured only bomb squad and appropriate police personnel to enter the area
unless otherwise authorized by the responsible investigating officer at the scene


TB#75 Every bomb situation varies, but the average safety zone is ____

1000feet behind protective cover


TB#75 The most serious of all decisions made in the event of a bomb threat is:

Wether to evacuate or non-evacuation of the building


TB#75 While on-scene of a suspected bomb incident, 800 mhz radios are intrinsically safe but to ensure safety, radio transmissions should be suspended within ____ of a working area:

200 feet


TB#75 While awaiting the bomb squad, the LAFD should:

note : may need to be corrected couldn't find verbatim

Prevent any disturbance of the suspected bomb
Determine if an evacuation is to be made
Evacuate if necessary 1000 feet behind protective cover


TB#36 Immediate causes of concern with the discovery of pcp labs are:

volatility of pcp's chemical components and users immunity to pain


TB#35 The main objectives of overhaul are:

Insure that the fire is out and not subject to rekindle and that the building or other areas being overhauled are safe for occupancy if released
To determine the most probable cause
To leave insurance adjusters with a means to determine the fire loss, this results in more equitably settlement for fire victims
To provide for security of the premises before leaving the scene, the fire scene should be secured against rekindle unlawful entry and other unauthorized acts


TB#35 Following and prior to overhaul knockdown, the incident commander shall survey the premises to:

To determine fire cause
Determine the nature and extent of the overhaul
Obtain pertinent information for developing overhaul strategy with affected officers
Develop and train subordinate officers in the planning of the overhaul strategy
to assure all levels of command are aware of unsafe conditions a review safety procedures to be followed


TB#60 The greatest danger of Methanol is:

specifically toxic effects upon eyes


TB#60 Properties of Methanol :

Vapor density 1.11, the density is 1.1 times the density of air
therefore methanol vapors will tend to settle in low areas
Reactivity methanol is more chemically reactive than diesel fuel or gasoline, it will corrode some metals and certain plastics ie carbon steel and aluminum
Solubility - methanol unlike gasoline or diesel fuel will mix with water, a mixture of methanol and water is still flammable when diluted with approximately five parts water to one part methanol.


TB#60 The most effective methods used to extinguish Methanol fires is:

ABC rated Dry chemical Extinguisher, Purple K. extinguisher sodium bicarbonate
Halon extinguishers are effective although not as effective as the appropriate dry chemical extinguishers. Note: RTD buses are equipped with a Halon System in the engine compartment.
Afff/ATC - for larger spills or fires alcohol foam afff/atc resistant foam is appropriate. supply and maintenance division has 700 gallons in supply available.
Water - since methanol is a water soluble, dilution techniques can be used for extinguishment . However methanol will burn with mixtures of up top five parts water per one part methanol, in addition water fog in conjunction with dry chemical and carbon dioxide have been used successfully


TB#78 Pre-hospital medical care for someone exposed to Oleo Resin Capsicum:

Treatment area should be well ventilated ( for first few min of exposure)
Primary and secondary survey
Vital signs
Flush with water
Application of cool wet pads.
Wear latex gloves to avoid self contamination.


Book #37 before any containment actions can be initiated during a hazardous materials spill, what must be performed:

Hazard assessment must be done.


Book#37 At a hazardous materials incident, first responders must address situations that present a danger of:

spreading contamination


Book#37 Containment involves safe actions to ___ ____ or ___ spread and the key action is to:

To restrict
Protect nearby exposures


Book #37 First responders should not attempt containment or control hazardous materials if:

doing so would require use of specialized equipment
or where it would expose them to unnecessary risk


Book#37 Methods for containment of a hazardous material spill/release include:



TB#57 During an evacuation, communication with the public is essential to success. Information provided to the public should include:

The reason for evacuation
The evacuation route
Their ultimate destination; and
Contingency plans for the safe keeping of their personal property and pets