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Where is the cardiogenic region?

Visceral layer of the lateral plate mesoderm


What do the angiogenic clusters form?

Endocardial tubes and dorsal aortae


What does lateral folding do to the heart?

Bring endocardial tubes together to form single heart tube


What does longitudinal folding do to the heart?

Moves endocardial tubes to thoracic region (dorsal to pericardial cavity)

Also fuses the dorsal aortae ventrally


What does the bulbis cordis become?

1. Right ventricle

2. Conus cordis (root of aorta)

3. Truncas arteriosus (pulm trunk)


What is the aortico-pulmonary septum? What defect occurs when it fails to form

Septum of the truncas arteriosus makes divsion between aorta and pulmonary trunk

Tetraology of fallot: Ventricular septal defect, Pulmonary stenosis, RV hypertrophy, Over-riding aorta


What three veins drain into the sinus venosus?

1. cardinal veins (all over body)

2. vitelline veins (blookd from yolk sac)

3. umbilical veins (oxygenated blood from placenta)


What do the vitelline veins become

Ductas venosus


What do the right and left horns of the sinus veonsus become?

Right: expands to IVC, SVC, and atrial wall

Left: coronary sinus at AV groove


What is the cristae terminalis?

separates smooth and rough muscle of RA


Where does the smooth muscle of RA come from? Rough muscle?

smooth: veins (sinus venosus and pulmonary vein)

rough: primitive atrium


What becomes the auricles?

Primitive atrial wall


What fuses to become the 1st aortic arch?

truncas arteriosus and dorsal aortae


What does the 4th aortic arch become in asymmetric remodeling?

Right: right subclavian artery

Left: aortic arch


What does the 6th aortic arch become in asymmetric remodeling?

Right: disappears

Left: Ductas arteriosus

Proximal: Pulmonary arteries


Where do the lymphatic come from?

Endothelium of the veins


What are the three shunts in fetal circulation and what do they connect?

1. foramen ovale from atrial separation: connect two atria

2. ductus arteriosus from left 6th aortic arch: connect pulm trunk with descending aorta

3. ductus venosus from vitelline veins: bypass the liver


What do the fetal shunts become at birth?

1. foramen ovale -> fossa ovalis

2. ductus arteriosus -> ligamentum arteriosum

3. ductus venosus -> ligamentum venosum


Where does the membranous septum of the endocardial cushion come from?

Neural crest cells


Where does the right pumonary artery travel? Left pulmonary artery?

Left: anterior to aorta

Right: posterior to aorta and SVC