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Occult blood + elevated RBCs = ?



Occult blood + normal amounts of RBCs = ?

Myoglobinuria or Hemoglobinuria


Normal colored urine + occult blood = ?

micromyoglobinuria, microhematuria, microhemoglobinuria


yellow color, hazy, positive occult blood, neg nitrites



pink color, hazy, positive occult blood, neg nitrites, 5 RBC, 3 WBC



yellow, slightly hazy, pH 5, 0.7 urobilinogen, mod occult blood, neg nitrites, 1.020 SpG, 15 WBC, 15 RBC, 10 epithelial cells, Occasional bacteria.. What is the most likely Dx

Lower UTI, Microhematuria


27 year old male, low back, flank pain, and reports “frothy urine”. What does this patient need based on history and clinical presentation?



pink, hazy, pH 5, +3 protein, large amounts occult blood, 1.028 spG, 10 WBC, 100 RBC, 3 granular casts. What is the most correct response?

Hematuria/proteinuria from undetermined renal origin


burning on urination and blood in the urine and low back pain Light yellow, clear, moderate occult blood, neg protein, neg nitrites, 1.010 spG, 50 WBC, 8 RBC, 2 epithelial cells, +2 bacteria. What is the most likely Dx

Cystitis or urethritis (burning) or Lower UTI


yellow, slightly hazy, pH 6, neg protein, 0.8 UROBILINOGEN*, 1.025 spG, neg nitrites, 2 WBC, 1 RBC, frequent epithelial cells, +2 bacteria.. What is the most likely Dx

Contamination (most likely lower UTI)


A 9 year old female UA results are as follows: yellow colored, hazy, negative proteins, pH of 8.2, positive nitrites, positive leucocyte esterase, SpG of 1.020, 30- 40 WBC’s, 3 RBC, a few epithelial cells, +4 bacteria.
Based on these UA results what is the most likely Dx

Cystitis (lower UTI)


40 year old female complains of low back pain. Her UA reveals the following: dark yellow color, hazy, 6.0 pH, negative nitrites,+2 BILIRUBIN*, 2.3 UROBILINOGEN*, negative occult blood, neg nitrites, 3 RBC, 3 WBC, slight amounts of mucous, a few epithelial cells, 1 granular cast. Based on these findings which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?

Liver disease/liverbiliary tract disease
Dark yellow suggests normal or maybe liver disease


29 year old patient has the following UA results: dark yellow, cloudy, 8.3pH, +2 proteins, small amounts of occult blood, +nitrites, 1.024 SpG, 6 RBC’s, 50 WBC’s, moderate amounts of epithelial cells, +3 bacteria, 1 granular cast, 2 WBC casts*. What is the most likely Dx

If said RBC casts it would be GMN
No casts, upper UTI


smoky color, cloudy, 6.3pH. +2protein, moderate amount of occult blood, neg nitrite, 1.008spG, 60 RBC, 5WBC,
small amount of epthelial cells, neg bacteria, 1 granular cell, 3RBC casts*



your patient has elevated bilirubin levels in the blood and urine, absence of urobilinogen within, the urine

Gallstone with complete obstruction


80y male
UA : dark yellow , hazy, pH8.2, +leucocyte esterase, +nitrites, 1.020SpG, TNTC WBC, 1RBC, +3bacteria



UA : dark yellow, hazy, 8.2pH, +1 protein*, + occult blood, + nitrite, 4RBC, 15WBC, +2 bacteria,

Upper UTI


UA : Dark yellow, slightly hazy, 7.2pH, neg protein, 0.6 urobilinogen, neg occult blood, neg nitrite, 3RBC, 3WBC, +2 bacteria, large
amount of epithelial cells, +mucous

Contamination (lower UTI) because no elevated WBC