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What was so charismatic about Castro?

He was a good public speaker and knew what people wanted. He managed to show the media the positive side of him and used it to his advantage to gain support.


Was he good at public speaking?

Yes after being arrested for the Moncada Barracks incident he was able to gain support using his History Will Absolve Me speech.


What did Castro do with other groups?

He made a pact with them in order to get them to help get rid of Batista and unite under one leader. It was known as the Pact of Caracas.


Why was it easy for Castro to get to power?

Already lots of other opposition to Batista (ie student directorate and autenticos party) due to his corruption and putting money in America


Why did Castro succeed in fighting?

He used guerilla warfare and America started to lose faith in Batista. After the Battle of Santa Clara, Castro is victorious and is declared president when walking into Havana in 1st January 1959.