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In C.elegans what type of cells do cells prevented from apoptosis normally become and what does this suggest

Neurons - suggests cell death acts to limit the number of neurons present in the mature C.elegans


What family of genes are responsible for apoptosis in C.elegans and what arises from KO of these genes

ced-3/4 KO - excess numbers of adult cells
ced-9 massive cell death


What is the role of ced-9

Protects cell from apoptosis


What is the role of ced -4/3

Promotes apoptosis


What is the name of the protein coded for by the ced-3 gene

Caspase - proteolytic enzyme


What percentage of neurons are lost during development



What are the two triggers for developmental apoptosis

1. Lack of neurotrophic factors present
2. Absence of depolarising stimulus


What role do neurotrophins have in apoptosis (and their receptors)

Reduction in neurotrophins from sympathetic ganglia - have high P75-NTR (low TKC) - activates P75 - NTR results in a cell death signal for apoptosis


What is neurotrophin release dependent on

Calcium release - triggered by depolarising or ligand binding - more efficient synapse have more stimulated release - more binding and uptake by membrane recycling thus have a greater presynaptic effect - more target tissue results in more release of neurotrophins