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What is the touch cell lineage for C.elegans

Q cell differentiates into a Q1.a and a Q1.p cell
UNC-86 turned on in Q1.p to produce an interneuron and a GBT cell (touch cell) - mutant UNC-86 leads to a loss of the touch cell


In drosophila what are all sensory structures derived from

SOPs - sensory neuron precursors


What role does Notch play in the lineage a cell adopts

Where Notch is inhibited initially, will later form a neuron


What protein is asymmetrically distributed between 2 cells and what affect does it have on Notch

Numb - inhibits notch ultimately leading to that cell acquiring a neural fate


What is the repeating unit that makes up the drosophila eye

Omatidia - around 800


How many photoreceptors are there in a single Omatidia



What is the morphogenetic furrow and what role does it play in the drosophila eye

A wave of differentiation that moves anteriorly across the developing retina - Hh is secreted posterior to the furrow by the maturing photoreceptors
In response to Hh a TF called atonal is upregulated. The first cell to produce atonal becomes rhabdomere 8


What do R8 cells signal to adjacent cells

Set of TF tell adjacent cells to change their fate - Notch and Delta signalling produces spaced R8 cells


How does an R8 cell cause an R7 cell to become a photoreceptor and not a cone cell

Through the action of the TF bride of sevenless
Development is dependent on a variety of localised signals


How do the placodal origins of the ear, lense, olfactory epithelium of vertebrates similar to sensory neurons e.g. DRG

Both are neural crest derived - Neural crest border cells in the most anterior region of the embryo are crucial for head placode development