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What is meant by a tissue

A collection of similar cells aggregated together to perform a specific function


What tissues is the stomach made up of

Muscles to churn and mix the stomach contents

Epithelium to protect the stomach wall and produce secretions

Connective tissue to gold together the other tissues


What tissues are plants made up of

Palisade mesophyll made up of leaf palisade cells that carry out photosynthesis

Spongy mesophyll adapted for gaseous exchange

Epidermis to protect the leaf and allow gaseous diffusion

Phloem to transport organic materials away from the leaf

Xylem to transport water and ions into the leaf


What is an organ

A combination of tissues that are coordinated to perform a variety of functions


What does the digestive, respiratory and circulatory system all do?

Digestive - digests and processes food

Respiratory - used for breathing and gas exchange

Circulatory- pumps and circulates blood