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What are the 3 stages of the cell cycle

Interphase - resting phase, no Division takes place

Nuclear Division- when the nucleus divides into 2(mitosis ) or 4 (meiosis)

division of the cytoplasm -


What’s cancer

a group of diseases caused by damage to the genes that regulate mitosis and the cell cycle


What is cancer the result of

Damage to the genes that regulate mitosis and the cell Cycle. This leads to uncontrolled growth and division of cells.

As a consequence, a group of abnormal cells, called a tumour, develops and constantly expands in size


What’s difference between malignant rumours and benign tumours

Malignant tumours grow rapidly, are less compact and are more likely to be life threatening

Benign - grow slower, are more compact and less likely to be life threatening


How do drugs used to treat cancer disrupt the cell cycle

Preventing dna from replicating

Inhibiting the metaphase stage of mitosis by interfering with spindle formation


Why do people loose hair with cancer

As cancer cells have a fast rate of division, they are damaged to a greater degree than normal cells. Those normal body cells such as hair producing cells, that divide rapidly are also vulnerable to damage