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Process used in management parallel the nursing process. Which sentence describes a nurse using a management principle paralleled with the nursing process?

Organizing is demonstrated when the nurse coordinates care for patients


Which statement most closely reflects the differences between nurse leaders and managers?

Nurse leaders rely primarily on interpersonal skills to accomplish goals


The nurse manager is monitoring overtime for the unit. She closely monitors staff hours and does not allow staff to come in for extra hours if they are over their allotted time per week. This is an example of which mintzberg’s decisions roles of the manager?

Resource handler


A nurse manager is trying to improve patient satisfaction ratings for her area of responsibility. The manager meets with the staff and forms an ad hoc committee to address the issues around the problem. This is an example of what style of leadership?



A nurse is volunteering in the community to educate parents to increase the number of children in the school district who are immunized. The nurse oversees the activities of a group of volunteers. Which role best describes the nurses activity in this situation?



Which statement is an example of the use of situational leadership?

The emergency room manager takes a vote on holiday coverage and then responds to a Code Blue by directing orders at the nursing staff


To be effective, nurse managers should focus on which area?

The patients and their needs


A nurse states she believes in the dignity of each patient. At break, she is overheard talking about a patient in a persistent vegetative state as a “lump.” This represents an inconsistency in which quality of an effective leader?



A nurse delegates a bed bath to UAP. After lunch, the patient rings for the nurse and complains that he has not yet been cleaned up. He is very upset and angry. What should the nurses next action be?

Assist the patient in getting cleaned up


The RN on an inpatient medical unit delegates vital signs and morning care to UAP for five stable patients. The nurse asks the UAP to document the vital signs and report an abnormal results immediately. Which rights of delegation is the nurse demonstrating?

Right person
Right circumstance
Right supervision


Mintzberg’s behavior model

Much of a managers time is spent in human relations

Managers are more reactive than proactive.

Interpersonal, informational and decisional roles.


Interpersonal roles

Figurehead, leader, liaison


Informational roles

Monitor, dissemination, spokesperson


Decisional roles

Entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator and negotiator


Mintzberg’s contemporary model

Experience, knowledge, values of the manager

Information, people, and action levels


Information level

Collection of experiences, knowledge, values and competencies.

Communicating and controlling


People level

Focuses on leading and linking people

Motivating and encouraging others to take action


Action level


Directs the work of others and works with other departments to gain necessary resources


Theory-X Style

Average person dislikes work and will avoid it if given the opportunity to


Theory-Y Style

Employees are satisfied in their work, view it as acceptable for play


Five rights of safe delegation

1. Right task
2. Right person
3. Right circumstance
4. Right communication
5. Right supervision


Compare leadership and management

Leadership and management are related but different concepts. Leadership is the ability to influence others. Management is the ability to motivate people to accomplish a goal.


Describe the styles of leadership, including the qualities of effective leaders

There are different styles of leadership based on leadership theories. No one style fits every situation. The six qualities of an effective leader are integrity, dedication , magnanimity, humility, openness, and creativity


Discuss various management theories including qualities of effective managers

Management theories provide a framework for nurse managers in understanding how to effectively operate within the health care organization to ensure high quality patient care. Successful managers possess qualities of self belief, self awareness, self management, personal integrity, and a drive for improvement. Leadership, professionalism, and communication skills are also desirable. Nurse managers must be able to influence change, communicate clearly, solve problems and be effective organizers


Characterize nursing leadership roles in health care

Nurses act as leaders in various roles. All nurses have a responsibility to provide safe patient care, to act as patient advocates, be fiscally responsible in care, and collaborate with other team members to provide high quality, cost effective care


Explain the underlying principles of delegation in health care

Appropriate delegation is the responsibility of the RN. The five rights of delegation are right task, person, circumstance, communication and supervision. The nurse cannot delegate assessment planning, evaluation or accountability for the assigned task