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Which descriptions are advantages of health care information technology (IT)?

Improves communication among providers
Improves administration functions


Which description is an example of data?

A patients blood pressure and pulse rate


Which items are supported by point of care using information technology?

More accurate documentation
Direct access to diagnostic results
Access to medication profiles


The hospital has implemented a new electronic MAR. What is true about the use of this new tool?

Reduces medication administration errors


A famous rock star has just been admitted to unit 12A after an automobile accident. The nurse on unit 12B who is a fan of the musician uses the EHR to find out how the patient is doing. Which is true regarding the use of a patient’s EHR?

Only staff caring for the patient should access this record


Which activity by a unit nurse demonstrates information literacy?

Researching a patient’s diagnosis online


The nurse is assigned to administer medications to a patient on a unite that has just implemented bar code med admin. Which step is proper for the nurse to follow?

Scan the nurses ID, the patients ID, and the code on the medication package


Which statement is correct concerning the implementation of computerized provider order entry?

Physician orders go directly to the appropriate department


Which behaviors are expected of the nurse at the experience informatics competency level?

Collect accurate assessment data
Group assessment data
Integrate information science, computer science, and nursing science


Which description is true about the nursing minimum data set?

The core nursing data for collection across all sites



Use of internet to link medical experts allowing consultations with clear video images


Computer literacy

Knowledge of computers and the ability to use them efficiently


Information literacy

Recognize when information is needed and to locate, evaluate and effectively use the needed information


Ten Commandments of computer ethics

1. Thou shalt not use a computer to harm other people
2. Interfere with other people’s computer work
3. Snoop around other people’s computer files
4. Use a computer to steal
5. Use a computer to bear false witness
6. Not copy or use proprietary software for which you have not paid
7. Use other people’s computer resources without authorization or proper compensation
8. Appropriate other people’s intellectual output
9. Think about the social consequences of the program you are writing or the system you are designing
10. Always use a computer in ways that ensure consideration and respect for your fellow humans


Define nursing informatics

Nursing informatics is a specialty area of informatics that addresses support of nursing practice in health information systems


Discuss the uses of technology in health care

Mobile workstations, bedside computers and tablets, cell phones, pagers, iPods, fax machines, personal digital assistants are used in health care for communication, reference and documentation. Robots are used in operating rooms and pharmacies, X-rays are in digital form, and telehelath or telemedicine is used to link medical experts with other clinicians and to provide in home monitoring of patients.


Summarize the benefits of informatics

The benefits include improved organization, communication, and information access; safer medication administration; reduction of duplicate orders and paperwork; better decision making; reduced charting time; improved administrative functions


Compare competency levels of nursing informatics

Levels of competency in nursing informatics are beginning, experienced, specialists, and innovator, and they determine specific roles for nursing. The nurses role in the use of informatics intensifies as the competency level increases


Explain the importance of using standardized terminologies in EHR

The use of standardized nursing terminologies supports the capture of important data and nursing information


Implement the use of information technology in obtaining health information for consumers and in educating nurses.

As the internet becomes a widely used source of health information, nurses need to know how to evaluate websites and direct consumers to sites that are reliable


Summarize potential ethical issues related to the use of health care information technology

Nurses must be aware of potential legal and ethical issues related to computer applications in health care, such as patients rights and protection of patients information


Outline future directions of informatics in nursing

Advancements in nursing informatics will enable nurses to improve patient care and safety, gather evidence of best practice, use point of care documentation and references, and advocate for consumer access to health care information