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Adrian Frutiger

-designed UNIVERS (21 sans serif fonts)
-swiss designer
-used a number system to identify all 21 univers faces


Alexey Brodovich

-Harper's Bazaar art director for 25 years
-'grandfather of magazine design'
-experimentation with photographic directions
-rethought editorial design//relationship between photographs and layouts
-use of white space
-hired Herbert Matter & Herbert Bayer for harper's bazaar covers
-design magazine "Portfolio" which contained info about design and art
-started a school -- The Design Laboratory where he'd give weekly lectures about design


Armin Hofmann

-teacher at Bosel School
-Not as strict in following Swiss Style
-trademark for Swiss exhibition
-worked for Herman Muller Furniture


Emil Ruder

-Swiss school of design - Bosel School
-typography teacher
-adopted univers as preferred typestyle
-wrote 'A Manuel of Design'; set in UNIVERS, standard textbook


Ernst Keller

-Zurich school of applied art
-pictographic style
-bright colors


Herbert Matter

-harper's bazaar cover
-Noel Furniture
-biomorphic shapes used often in his furniture ads


Joseph Binder

-air brush as tool
-war posters
-cubist influence


Ladislav Sutner

-progressive ideas re: catalog & information design
-icons/symbols to help organize info
-sweets catalog - architect info
-'information architect'
-wrote books: 'Catalog Design' and 'Catalog Design Process'


Herrmann Zapf

-venitian typestyles & calligraphy
-PALATINO: common
-OPTIMA: more original, no serifs but still thick & thin strokes, used for Vietnam memorial, His favorite of his designs
-designed DINGBATS
-Manual typographic thinking (book)


International Typographic Style

-also called Swiss Style
1. asymmetrical organizational elements
2. grids
3. sans serif (ex. Helvetica, Akidenz-grotesque)
4. flush left, rag right
5. straight forward & clear info presented
-rejection of personal aesthetics
-universal style
-clear & ordered