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Alvin Lustig

Architect, graphic designer, interior designer
Highbrow literary publications
Book covers
"Lorca" book cover (B&W, seen as his best work)
"A Season In Hell" book cover - biomorphic shapes
Catalog cover for MoMA
Blind in 1950s


American Typographic Expression

New Trend
Using forms of letters utilizing the design (ex: O as bike tire)


Bradbury Thompson

Ad Agency
Westvaco Paper Manufacturer
Well known
No budget for photographers/illustrators
Combined graphics with engravings
Graphic patterns
Mademoiselle magazine cover - monochrome
Designed stamps for USPS
Elegant bible design for Washburn College - phrased line text


Chermayeff & Geismer

European aesthetics
Book covers
Use of visuals to give subliminal ideas


Doyle Dane Bernbach

Advertising Agency
Bill Bernbach was partner over creative
No more celebrity endorsements
Wants to be more intelligent in design
Volkswagen campaign; simple, FUTURA headlines
Combined visual & verbal - had writers and designers work together
Concept is most important thing - design is straightforward


George Lois

Worked at Doyle Dane Bernbach
Esquire; Tripled sales by taking an article to the cover in a visual way, said the idea was the important part


Henry Wolf

Takes Brodovich's place at Harper's Bazaar
Designs covers for HB
Show Magazine
Uses his own photography


Herb Lubalin

Most responsible for Typographic Expression
Combining visual & verbal
Print Magazine
Known for being able to square things off
Ralph Gensberg publications; Eros, Fact, Avant Garde (most known)
Designed AVANT GARDE typeface
International Typeface Corp; U&l.c. type publication, used to sell type