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local username

A username (with matching password), configured on a router or switch. It is considered local because it exists on the router or switch, and not on a remote server.



Authentication, authorization, and accounting. Authentication confirms the identity of the user or device. Authorization determines what the user or device is allowed to do. Accounting records information about access attempts, including inappropriate requests.


AAA server

A server that holds security information and provides services related to user login, particularly authentication (is the user who he says he is?), authorization (once authenticated, what do we allow the user to do?), and accounting (tracking the user).


VLAN interface

A configuration concept inside Cisco switches, used as an interface between IOS running on the switch and a VLAN supported inside the switch, so that the switch can assign an IP address and send IP packets into that VLAN.


history buffer

In a Cisco router or switch, the function by which IOS keeps a list of commands that the user has used in this login session, both in EXEC mode and configuration mode. The user can then recall these commands for easier repeating or making small edits and issuing similar commands.



Domain Name System. An application layer protocol used throughout the Internet for translating hostnames into their associated IP addresses.


name resolution

The process by which an IP host discovers the IP address associated with a hostname, often involving sending a DNS request to a DNS server, with the server supplying the IP address used by a host with the listed hostname.


line console 0

Changes the context to console configuration mode.


line vty (1st-vty last-vty)

Changes the context to vty configuration mode for the range of vty lines listed in the command.



Console and vty configuration mode. Tells IOS to prompt for a password.


password (pass-value)

Console and vty configuration mode. Lists the password required if the login command (with no other parameters) is configured.


login local

Console and vty configuration mode. Tells IOS to prompt for a username and password, to be checked against locally configured username global configuration commands on this switch or router.


username (name) secret (pass-value)

Global command. Defines one of possibly multiple usernames and associated passwords, used for user authentication. Used when the login local line configuration command has been used.


crypto key generate rsa [modulus 360..2048]

Global command. Creates and stores (in a hidden location in flash memory) the keys required by SSH.


transport input {telnet | ssh | all | none}

vty line configuration mode. Defines whether Telnet/SSH access is allowed into this switch. Both values can be configured on one command to allow both Telnet and SSH access (the default).


interface vlan (number)

Changes the context to VLAN interface mode. For VLAN 1, allows the configuration of the switch’s IP address.


ip address (ip-address subnet-mask)

VLAN interface mode. Statically configures the switch’s IP address and mask.


ip address dhcp

VLAN interface mode. Configures the switch as a DHCP client to discover its IPv4 address, mask, and default gateway.


ip default-gateway (address)

Global command. Configures the switch’s default gateway IPv4 address. Not required if the switch uses DHCP.


ip name-server (server-ip-1 server-ip-2 …)

Global command. Configures the IPv4 addresses of DNS servers, so any commands when logged in to the switch will use the DNS for name resolution.


hostname (name)

Global command. Sets this switch’s hostname, which is also used as the first part of the switch’s command prompt.


enable secret (pass-value)

Global command. Sets this switch’s password that is required for any user to reach enable mode.


history size (length)

Line config mode. Defines the number of commands held in the history buffer, for later recall, for users of those lines.


logging synchronous

Console or vty mode. Tells IOS to send log messages to the user at natural break points between commands rather than in the middle of a line of output.


[no] logging console

Global command that disables or enables the display of log messages to the console.


exec-timeout (minutes [seconds])

Console or vty mode. Sets the inactivity timeout, so that after the defined period of no action, IOS closes the current user login session.


show running-config

Lists the currently used configuration.


show running-config | begin line vty

Pipes (sends) the command output to the begin command, which only lists output beginning with the first line that contains the text “line vty.


show dhcp lease

Lists any information the switch acquires as a DHCP client. This includes IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway information.


show crypto key mypubkey rsa

Lists the public and shared key created for use with SSH using the crypto key generate rsa global configuration command.