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What are 5 steps to deal with fainting?

1. Stop needling, take out needles
2. Get patient to lie down
3. Keep them warm
4. Cup of warm water or juice
5. Needle PC6, Du26 to regain consciousness


What are some common causes of fainting?

1. Fear of needles
2. Lack of eating, sweating, bleeding or diarrhea before treatment
3. Weak constitution
4. Intense needle stimulation


What are manifestations of fainting?

Pale, cold sweating, dizziness, blurred vision, SOB, palpitations, nausea, cold limbs, unconsciousness, incontinence


When is the most common time for patients to faint?

First visit


What are five different qualities of qi sensation?

Achy, numbness, heaviness, distending or electric shock, pain


What are the manifestations of a stuck needle?

After you insert a needle you cannot lift it or pull it out. Patient experiences pain. If you try to forcefully take it out it will cause much pain, screaming.


What are the causes of a stuck needle?

Forceful manipulation, single direction rotation, patient nervous and muscle spasms, patient moves arm or leg, or you needle into tendon instead of muscle.


How do you manage a stuck needle?

1. If local muscle spasm you can leave the needle longer, after they relax it may come out. Usually happens on thick muscle.
2. If that does not work use a finger and palpate along meridian, try to soften and disperse qi. Or try scrubbing or gently tapping the needle to let the qi disperse.
3. Put a needle in another area close by, but not too close. Or put another needle bilateral point.
4. If it is caused by over twisting one way then turn it backwards.
5. If caused by patient moving, move the limb back to the original position.


What are causes of a bent needle?

Cause: Practitioner’s side technique is not good, too much force, or hit the hard tissue of bone. Or from patient’s side they moved position or muscle spasm. Or hit the needle afterward with TDP or electric moxa.
Manifestations: Needle handle or shaft is bent.


How do you manage a bent needle?

1. If slightly bent, do not manipulate needle anymore. Slowly take the needle out.
2. If caused by patient moving, return them to original position.
3. Wait for patient’s muscle to relax.


How do you prevent a bent needle?

1. Keep practice needling technique. Needle on cushion or rubber foam. Record timing, use stacks of paper. 0.25, 0.28 or .30 thickness
2. Try to choose the right position for the patient
3. During retention of needle try to prevent an object hitting it
4. If stuck needle deal with that.


What are causes of a broken needle?

Cause: Mostly poor quality of needle. Not so common now with single use needles. Too much force by practitioner or sinking it too deep. Improper handling. Electro stimulation causing muscle spasm.


How do you manage a broken needle?

1. Keep calm, don’t scare patient, don’t move patient.
2. Use forceps to take it out if broken area is above skin.
3. If below skin do not remove, will need to go to hospital.


How do you prevent a broken needle?

1. Make sure not to sink the needle all the way to the handle because it is more common to break there. Check needle before you insert. Select a needle that is longer than what you need.
2. If using embedded needle technique be cautious to leave handle out.
3. Check electro stim machine, start very slow and from zero. When you turn off machine always turn it back to zero.


What is the cause of a hematoma from a needle?

Cause: Needle damages small blood vessels. Patients on blood thinners or patients who easily bruise and bleed.


How do you manage a hematoma?

Management: With small amount of bleeding you do not need to do anything. If bruise is bigger and close to joint area then apply a cold compress within 24 hours and after 24 hours apply heat. Use a dry cotton ball and gently press. Do not use alcohol or rub vigorously.


How do you manage damage to a nerve?

Tell patient to do self massager do moxa for them right away, do not wait.