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Combination of local and distal points

Combining local and distal selections into one treatment. Eg. for stomach problems RN12 and UB21 could be used locally along with ST36, PC6 and SP4 distally.


Combination of Yang Channel points with Yin Channel points

Combining a point on a yang channel with another on its paired yin channel increases the cumulative effect of needling either point separately. Eg. Combining ST36 with SP4 for stomach problems, LU9 with LI11 for cough


Combination of Yuan-source with Luo-connecting points

The most well known combinations of are between Yuan-source points on the first channel (primarily affected by disease) and Luo-connecting points on the paired channel. Source point is host and connecting point is guest. It can also encompass the use of a single point, the Luo-connecting point of the paired channel.


Example of Host-Guest for lung problems

LU9 host with LI6 guest


Example of Host-Guest for LI problems

LI4 host with LU7 guest


Example of single point Host-Guest for kidney disease



Example of single point Host-Guest for UB disease



Combining points on the front with points on the back

Also known as combination of abdomen-yin points and back-yang points. Example. ST21 and UB50 for stomach disease


Combination of Front Mu with Back Shu points

Among the most commonly used front-back combos. Closely related to diseases of Zang-Fu organs Eg. RN12 and UB21 for stomach disease


Combination of hand and foot points

Combining points from hand and foot meridians that share the same name.


Yangming hand foot pair for front headache

LI4 and ST41


Shaoyin hand foot pair for insomnia

HT7 and KI6


Combination of Upper and Lower points

Above refers to points on the arms and above RN8. Below refers to points on the legs or below the waist. This method is commonly practiced on the limbs. Traditionally a confluent point of an extraordinary channel affected by disease would be combined with a meeting point on an ea channel below.


Upper/Lower simple combination for stomach disease

PC6 on arm with ST36 on legs


Upper/Lower simple combination for toothache

LI4 with ST44


Traditional upper/lower for disease of heart, chest and abdomen

PC6 on arm with SP4 on foot


Traditional upper/lower for ear ringing

SJ5 on arm with GB41 on foot


Combination of left and right points

Channel points are bilateral so this means using both points. It can also mean choosing a point on the right to treat disease on the left and vice versa.


Combination of points according to five element theory

This is 4 or 8 needle technique