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What are three functions of acupuncture?

1. Regulation of Yin and Yang
2. Strengthening antipathogenic qi (zheng qi) and eliminating pathogenic qi (xie qi)
3. Promoting circulation of channel qi


What are 7 treatment principles of acupuncture?

1. Tonification and sedation
2. Clearing heat and warming cold
3. Harmony
4. Treating the root and treating the branch
5. Treating the same disease with a different method and different diseases with the same method
6. Local and remote treatment
7. Treatment of diseases according to climatic and seasonal conditions, geographical location and individual condition


What are 5 main ways to differentiate syndromes (out of the 8) that we talked about?

1. 8 principles
2. Zang fu differentiation
3. Channel and collateral
4. Qi and blood
5. Etiology


What are the 8 main TCM ways to differentiate syndromes?

1. Etiology
2. Channels and Collaterals
3. Qi, Blood and BF
4. 4 levels
5. Zang Fu
6. 6 stages
7. San Jiao
8. 8 Principles


What are the 7 main principles for point selection?

1. Selection of nearby points
2. Selection of distal points
3. Selection of symptomatic points
4. Selection of specific points
5. Selection of points according to Western Medicine
6. Selection of points according to clinical experiences
7. Selection of points based on modern research


What are 9 main methods of point combination?

1. Combination of local and distal points
2. Combination of Yang channel pts with Yin channel pts
3. Combination of Yuan source and Luo connecting
4. Combining pts on front with points on the back
5. Combination of Front Mu and Back Shu points
6. Combination of hand and foot points
7. Combination of upper and lower points
8. Combination of left and right points
9. Combination of points according to five element theory