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What does it mean "ELR"?

Environmental Lapse Rate.


What's the primary heating source?

Terrestrial radiation.


What are the two processes of the latent heat?

Absorption: From ice to gas.
Release: From gas to ice.


Where's the Tropic of Cancer? And the tropic of Capricorn?

T. of Cancer: 23,5 ºC North. (Max. hours of sun)
T. of Capricorn: 23,5 ºC South.


What are the main processes that warm the atmosphere?

1) Radiation (this might be split into 2: solar/terrestrial)
2) Conduction: Direct contact of 2 objects.
3) Convection: Vertical movement.
4) Advection: Horizontal movement.
5) Latent heat: Absorved or released.