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What does Buy's Ballot's law stand for?

"With your back to the wind in the northern hemisphere, the low-pressure system is to your left."

Which means that back air = Low pressure on your left and head air = Low pressure on your right.


Which pressure offers better conditions to fly? High pressure or low pressure systems?

High pressure system because no clouds are formed.


Characteristics of low and high pressures.

High pressure.
- Clockwise winds
- Bad visibility at lower levels (e.g. dust)
- Dry air
- No clouds

Low pressure.
- Anti-clockwise winds
- Good visibility outside clouds and precipitations
- There are clouds (vertical extension)
- Cold and humid air


What is an anticyclone?

It's an aerea of relatively high surface pressure.


What are the different types of anticyclones?

Two. Warm anticyclones and cold anticyclones.


How are warm and cold anticyclones formed?

Warm anticyclones rise, diverge, cool and sink. That's how belts are formed as well. In there, we can see the major deserts in Earth.

Cold anticyclones cool, become denser and then sink. This sinking produces relatively low-pressure and it causes cold deserts at the poles.