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The communication unit will be designated by the suffix




Communication is primarily responsible for

Effective use of communication systems at an incident

Members of communication units are trained in the deployment , monitoring and use of specialized communications equipment and operations


Communications unit will be staffed with a minimum of

3 trained members

Note : officers count toward total


Does The communications unit require a trained officer to be in service

No it does not require trained officer


The communications unit will report into whom at incident

The communications unit leader

If no communications unit leader than resource unit leader

If neither the COML OR RESL at scene them report into IC


If the communication unit leader is not at scene then the officer of the communications unit will be designated the COML until he arrives

No he will not be designated comm unit leader


If any of communications units radios are OOS

Unit will still be in service
Call division for pick up ( division will bring to radio shops )
Division will not issue spare or replacements