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LOBBY control unit

Functional unit within the logistics section primarily responsible for the controlled movement of personnel to and from upper floors at a high rise incident

Report into IC if no logistics chief


Lobby control unit is responsible for operation and control of all elevators this includes

1. Assume control of elevators and provide operators
2. Ensure that all elevators that terminate in lobby are recalled and searched
3. Establishes controls to account for personnel exiting and entering elevators
4 provides resources to transport personnel to upper floors as required
5. Take on duties of systems control unit when directed by IC


Position of lobby control unit leader is

At elevator lobby ..maintain control of elevators at this location


While responding then lobby control unit will

1. Ascertain the identity and designation of the units that have responded or are responded to the incident from the MDT PRINTOUT


Operating procedures of the lobby control unit

1. Report into IC
2. Verify the location of following :
A. Fire floor
B. Forward staging area
D. forward triage area
3. Determine correct bank of elevators for transporting personnel to upper floors in consultation. With IC
4. Ensure elevators staffed as needed
5. Relieve OVM of first alarm companies
6. Ensure reliable communications link and tools for each elevator car
7. Ensure elevator operator know location. Of stairs in relation to elevator cars
8. Record units entering elevators
9. Ensure elevators not overloaded and overcrowded
10. Contact elevators that have not been heard from in a while


If possible the lobby control unit will maintain one Elevator at ________ and another elevator at _______

1.forward staging area
2. Lobby


Lobby control unit will operate on what channel



The following equipment shall be carried in every elevator

1. HT
2. 1 set FE tools
4. Elevator keys
5. Search rope
6. Elevator control sheet
7. Clipboard


The officer of the lobby control unit will be known as ?

Lobby control unit leader


The lobby control unit leader will verify the location of the following

Fire floor
Forward staging area
SAE post
Forward triage area