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what are the relationship between marketing and IMC

- marketing is used by management to plan and execute the 4'p

- (IMC) is just one of many tools used in the promotional aspect of marketing.


Function needs + Psychological wants =`??

( is the products ability to satisfy both functional needs and symbolic wants.
IMC should communicate utility.)


The goal of marketing and Advertising?

- Value thing for a value thing
- Any transaction with a person or organization.
- Each party satisfied with the exchange.

- worry that the exchange is not equal
- If they dont think it is worth the money they dont buy it.

- Leads to more exchange


What is the 3 type of participant?

- Customers
- Markets (groups of consumers
- Marketers


1 of the 3 types of participants is
Which are there

- Current customers
- Prospective customers
(About to make an exchange)
- Centers of influences
(those whose idea and action gives respect)


1 of the 3 types of participants is
Which are there

Consumer markets
(buy for own use)

Business markets
- Reseller
- Industrial

Government markets
- Buy to state federal government activities

Traditional (or global market)
-any of the tree market in a foreign contry


1 of the 3 types of participants is
Which are there

Every person or organization that has product/service/idea to sell
Must know their market
Before create message


What is consumer behavior?

it is the Mental and emotional processes- when purchase.

is the key to IMC Strategy.

- what make them behave the way they do.


What is the consumer decision process about?

Interpersonal influencers
- Family
- Society
- Culture

Non personal
- Time
- Place
- Environment

Personal Processes
- Perception
- Learning

Steps to the decision
- Problem recognition
- Information search
- Evaluation an selection
- Store choice and purchase
- Post purchase behavior


what is the consumer Perception process about

Perception - how you precept our self and the world around us
- How we see ourself
- How people se up
- Ideal self - not there yet but want to be that person.

- Marketing can have control
- 4'p
- News articals
- Ad
- Stimuli - hungry. 11,40 taco bell ad. We drive to get one =stimuli

Physiological screen
- Sight
- Hearing

Psychological screen
- Personality - are we born with
- Attitude is learned. - come into calls meet nees now we have an attitude about him.

Mental thinking

Mental files

Needs - I neded water - I need to be president.


what is persuasion?

Change in belief, attitude or behavioral intention is caused by promotion communication

Likelihoods modellen


what side is attitude and habit

attitude = the mental side
habit = the behavioral side


how to get brand loyalty

- Break habits
(lure them away form old brand)
- Acquiring habits
(teach consumer to repurchase their brand)
- Reinforcing habits
(remind current customers value)


What is the consumer motivation process

Motivation =the underlying forces that contribute to our actions
Needs = the basic and instinctive human force that motivate us to do something

Wants = needs that we learn during our lifetime.


What are the product of maslows Hierarchy of needs

- Self-actualization (true self)
(Golf lessons)
- Esteem
(luxury car)
- Social
- Safety
( tire)
- Physiological
(breakfast cereal)


What are the promotion of maslows Hierarchy of needs

EXAM - which of the following are promotional appeal are relevant for social needs.

- Self-actualization (true self)
"Realize your full potential"
- Esteem
"bee in control of the road"
- Social
"Show her you care"
- Safety
"Bounces off hazards"
- Physiological
"the natural energy source"


What are the 2 motives of consumer motivation

Negative originated
- informational
- most common
- problem removal or avoidance.
- run out of something

Positive originated
- Transformational
- benefit, bonus
- e.g. new clothing - love to shop


who influence consumer behavior interpersonal?

- most influence

- we care how we appear
- Personal - friends, coworker
- Imperosnal - religious, polities

Opinion leaders
- the people we trust
- Sport religion, fashion, politics, movie star.


who influence consumer behavior personal?

- no snow tiers in the summer

- Don't know where to buy? Special product not everywhere

Ecological, social, political, technical, Economic, household


how does the purchase dicision process work

Evoked set
- evaluated alternatives
(iphone, android)

Evaluative Criteria
- no one meet the criteria consumer may reject the purchase

Cognitive Dissonance
- justify their buy.
- what is a good buy?