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Objectives of a Building Code

To ensure all new construction and renovations provide a minimum level of safety, health, and welfare to the occupants and public - They deal with a building's performance - Enforced by local jurisdiction such as cities and municipalities under police powers granted to them by the state - Lowers the liability risk for building owners and contractors


What aspects of building and design to building codes regulate?

- Life safety - ie heights of guardrails and treads - Fire safety - ie construction fire ratings, egress requirements, fire detection and suppression - Structural Safety - Health and Welfare - lighting, ventilation, sanitation, temperature, noise control, minimum habitable room size, energy code and accessibility for the disabled Property Protection - durability of materials


Enforcement of Building Codes

  • Enforced by the police powers of the state
  • State is authorized to protect the safety of their citizens
  • Local jurisdiction's authority to enforce and administer the code is exercised through an enforcement official
  • As the head of a city building department, the building official is usally assisted by several other functionaries (plan examiners and building inspectors) to conduct plan reviws and inspection