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How long do you have to report an address change to the DMV?

1 week


How long do you have to report a name change to the DMV?

2 weeks


How many years is a N.J. license valid for?

4 years


At what age can you obtain a special learner’s permit?

16 years of age


What 3 things do you need to complete before you can
get a special learner’s permit?

1. 16 years old
2. Written and vision tests passed
3. 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction


Upon completion of a behind the wheel course, you can
practice drive only with a basic licensed driver with...

3 years of experience, over the age of 21 & between the hours of 5:01 am to 11:00 pm.


What are 3 permit restrictions?

1. Passengers limited to one additional person unless
accompanied by parent/guardian
2. All must wear seatbelts
3. No use of hand-held devices


What are the only 3 exceptions for driving past the hours
with a probationary license?

1. Work
2. Religious Reasons
3. Emergencies


What percentage of questions do you need to get right on the written test?



How long do you need to wait before you can take the
written test over again if you fail?

1 week


How do you prove your identity to MVC?

Carry 1 primary and 1 secondary document which total 6 points

(Ex. US birth certificate, school photo ID with transcript)


What 6 things are required the day of the road test?

1. Student Permit
2. Car
3. Current Registration
4. Insurance
5. Licensed Driver
6. Valid Inspection Sticker


What are 7 items that an examiner may ask you to
perform during the road test?

1. Parallel Parking
2. Driving in Reverse
3. Follow other vehicles
4. Nearing corners and intersections
5. Starting a vehicle
6. Steering properly
7. Stopping smoothly


What are 6 reasons for vehicle rejection when taking the
road test?

1. Car isn’t clean
2. Failed Inspection
3. Unsafe Tires

4.Missing Seat Belts
5. Poor Brakes
6. Driving Instructor can’t reach break


If you fail the road test how long must you wait before
going again?

Two weeks


After several failures, you must wait at least ______
before re-taking the road test.

6 months


What are the steps involved in getting a special learner’s

16 years old
Pass written & vision tests or vision screening
6 hours of Behind The Wheel Instruction
At least 6 months supervised driving with a Licensed driver in NJ over 21 with at least 3 years

Must display 2 decals
Red Decal: Used to show if student driver, shows you
made a mistake


What are the steps involved in getting a probationary license?

at least 17 years of age
○ Complete all permit requirements
○ Pass road test
○ 1 year of unsupervised driving
○ Decals and restrictions are the same as SLP


What are the GDL restrictions of a special learner’s
permit & probationary license?

○ 11:01pm-5:00am (Can not drive under GDL Restrictions)
■ Can drive from 5:01 am to 11:00 pm
○ Passengers are one additional person unless
accompanied by a parent or guardian
■ Parents and guardians are trusted to
keep the driver from being distracted.
○ All must wear seatbelts
○ No use of cell phones- no handheld device


What is the only difference between the special learner’s
permit & probationary license?

The age requirement. Special learners permit is 16
years while probationary is 17 years.


What is the minimum age to get a basic license?

21 years


What is the fine for breaking any GDL rule?

$100 fine


How long does a 21-year-old examination permit holder
need to drive supervised with a licensed driver?

At least 6 months


If you commit a violation with an instructor, who is

You and your instructor