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Designated agent

an EMT or other person authorized by a Medical Director to give medications and provide emergency care. The transfer of such authorization to a designated agent is an extension of the Medical Director's license to practice medicine.


Evidence- based

Description of the medical techniques or practices that are supported by scientific evidence of their safety and efficacy, rather than merely by supposition and tradition.


Medical direction

Oversight of the patient-care aspects of an EMS system by the Medical Director.


Off-line medical direction

Consists of standing orders issued by the Medical Director that allow EMTs to give certain medications or perform certain procedures without speaking to Medical Director or another physician.


On-line medical direction

Consists of orders given directly by the on-duty physician to an EMT in the field by radio or telephone.


Medical Director

A physician who assumes ultimate responsibility for the patient-care aspects of the EMS system.


911 system

A system for telephone access to report emergencies. A dispatcher takes the information and alerts EMS or the fire or police departments as needed. Enhanced 911 has the additional capability of automatically identifying the caller's phone number and location.


Patient outcomes

The long-term survival of patients



lists of steps, such as assessments and interventions, to be taken in different situations. Protocols are developed by the Medical Director of an EMS system.


Quality improvement

A process of continuous self-review with the purpose of identifying and correcting aspects of the system that require improvement.


Standing orders

A policy or protocol issued by a Medical Director that authorizes EMTs and others to preform particular skills in certain situations.