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Is a term used to encompass a broad range of specialty areas including hairstyling nail technology and aesthetics



Mini very old methods have evolved into technique still used today studying the origin of these techniques can be useful and fully understanding how to use them today

Why study cosmetology history and career opportunities


Were the first to cultivate beauty in an extravagant fashion they use cosmetics as part of their personal beautification habits religious ceremonies and preparation of the deceased for the burial

The Egyptians


Rubbed a tinted mixture of gum Arabic gelatin beeswax and egg whites onto their nails to color them Crimson or ebony

The Chinese


Nail tinting was so closely tied to social status that commoners caught wearing a royal nail color faced a punishment of death

Chinese history


Made a lavish use of perfumes and cosmetics in their religious rights and grooming and for medicine or purposes

The ancient Greeks


Lavishly used fragrances and cosmetics

The Romans


Facials made of milk and bread or a fine wine were popular other facials were made of corn with flour and milk or from flower and fresh butter

Who made this the Romans


The period of European history between classical antiquity and the Renaissance beginning with the downfall of Rome circa A.D. for 76 and lasting until about 1450

The middle ages


Evidenced by tapestries sculptures and other artifacts from this. All of those by showing towering headdresses intricate hairstyles and the use of cosmetics and skin and hair

The middle ages beauty culture is


This is the period in history during which Western civilization made the transition from medieval to modern history

The Renaissance


The reign of Queen Victoria of England between 1837 and 1901 was known as the

Victorian age


This era signaled the spread of industrialization which brought a new prosperity to the United States beauty applications began to fall the transit by celebrities in society figures

The 20th century


Today hairstylist have far gentle or no fade haircolor aestheticians can noticeably rejuvenate the skin as well as keep disorder such as sunspots noticeable and mild acting at bay the beauty industry has also enter the age of specialization now cosmetologist frequently specialize either and haircolor or in haircutting aesthetician specialize in aesthetic or medical aesthetic services and nail technicians either offer a full array of services or specialize in artificial nail handyman's natural American male care or even pedicures

The 21st-century


Hair color specialist textures spell Celeste cutting specialist

Career paths for cosmetologist


Once you have received additional training and experience and haircolor you may be responsible for training others in your soul want to perform color services or work for a product manufacturer where you will be expected to train other professionals how best to perform color services according to the companies guidelines and product instructions

Hair color specialist


Once you have received additional training experience and text your services you may be responsible for training others to reform text your services in the salon or work for a main menu facture where you will be expected to train others on how best to perform Texar services according to your company's guidelines and product instructions a subspecialty curly hair specialist focuses on maintaining natural curl

Text your specialist


This position requires a dedicated interest in learning berries cutting styles and technics after perfectly in your own skills and developing your own method of cutting everyone about his or her own cutting technique you may want to study with other repeatable haircutters to learn and adapt their systems and technics this training will allow you to perform top quality hair cutting in your own salon as well as the coach those around you helping them to hone their skills

Coding specialist


Many companies such as manufactures and so on chains hire experienced salon professionals and train them to train others this kind of training can take many forms from technical training to management and interpersonal relationship training as a lawn trainer can work with small salons as well as large organizations and trade associations to help develop the beauty industry is most valuable resource salon staff and personnel

Salon trainer


The salon industry depends heavily on his relationships with product distributors in order to stay abreast of what is occurring in the marketplace distributor sales consultant provide information about new products new transit new techniques the specialty provides an excellent opportunity for highly skilled and trained cosmetology professional this do you SC in the salon and it's staff swings with the rest of the industry in this relationship represent the most efficient method the outside company do you use to reach the salon stylist

Distributor sales consultant


Most manufactures hire their own educators to train stylist and salon staff to understand and use the company is haircare hair color and chemical service products mastery of the company's product lines is a must for manufacturing educators and accomplish educator who is a good public speaker can advance to a field educator regional educator or even platform educator appearing on stage at shows in the US and around the world

Manufacture educator


Have you ever wondered how your instructor decide to start teaching many instructors had fantastic careers in salons before dedicating themselves to teach a new professionals the tricks of the trade if this career path interest you spend some time with your school instructors and ask them why they went into education educating new cosmetologist can be very trying but can I also be very rewarding

Cosmetology instructor


Working behind-the-scenes a magazine and Internet photo shoots are backstage on movies and TV sets all start with volunteering to assist even someone right out of school can volunteer by calling agencies networking with photographers were asking other hairdressers who work behind the scenes for advice the days are long up to 18 hours on soap opera sets but want to clock the specific number of hours required by your state of residence you can join the local union which opens many doors all you need are persistence networking skills reliability team spirit and attention to detail

Film or theatrical hairstylist an editorial stylus