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Practicing good life skills will lead to a more satisfying and productive career in the beauty industry hairstylist work with many different types of clients and having a good life skills can help you keep those interactions positive in any situation the ability to deal with difficult clients coworkers are even friends comes from having well-developed life skills having a good life skills build high self-esteem which in turn helps you achieve your goals

Why study life skills


Been genuinely caring and helpful to others making good friends feeling good about yourself having a sense of humor to take you through difficult situations maintaining a cooperative attitude approaching all of your work with a strong sense of responsibility been consistent in your work successfully adapting to different situations sticking to a goal and seen a job through to completion mastering techniques that will help you become more organized and developing a date deep reservoir of common sense

Most important life skills to remember and practice in the salon


Build self-esteem visualize success build on your strains be kind to yourself define success for yourself practice new behaviors keep your personal life separate from your work keep your energy up respect others stay productive

Guidelines for success


Is putting off until tomorrow when you can do today this distractive you a common habit is a characteristic of poor study habits it may also be a symptom of taking on too much which in turn is a send of my faulty organization



Is an unhealthy compulsion to do things perfectly success is not defined is doing everything perfectly in fact someone who never makes a mistake may not be taking risk necessary for growth and improvement a better definition of success is not giving up even when things get really tough



Having a game plan is the conscious act of planning your life instead of just letting things happen while and overall game plan is usually organize into large blocks of time it is just as important as the daily monthly and yearly goals where do you want to be in your career five years from now what do you have to do this week this month and this year to move closer to that goal

Lacking a game plan


Attend all classes arrive for class early have all necessary materials ready listen attentively to your instructor highlight important points take notes for later review pay close attention during summary and review sessions when something is not clear ask you but is still not clear ask again

Rules for success


Motivation propels you to do something self management involves knowing what you want to achieve and is keeping yourself on track so that you do eventually cheap your goal

Motivation and self management


Means having a talent such as painting acting cutting hair applying make up or doing artificial nails creativity is also an unlimited inner resource of ideas and solutions to enhance your creativity keep these guidelines and mine



Do not be self-critical do not look to others for motivation change your vocabulary do not try to go at it alone

Creativity guidelines


As you navigate your beauty career you will come up against difficulty shallow spots rocks to swift current and even on an occasion iceberg no matter how creative talented and motivated you are knowing how to manage your career will make all the difference in staying afloat

Managing your career


And essential part of business plans as the mission statement which establishes values this institution lives by as well as target goals if you're going to exert seed in life you will need a well-thought-out sense of purpose and a plan that supports that purpose and other words like after stressful business you will need a mission statement

Design a mission statement


The identification of long and short-term goals that help you decide what you want out of your life when you know what you want you can just draw a circle around your destination to chart the best course to get you there by mapping out your goals you will see where you need to focus your attention and what you need to learn in order to for fill your dreams



Are the moral principles by which we live and work in the salon setting ethical standards should guide your contact with clients and fellow employees when your actions are respectful courteous and helpful you're behaving in an ethical manner



Diplomacy pleasing tone of voice emotional stability sensitivity values and goals receptive it he effective communication skills

Personality development an attitude