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What are Facts?

A thing that is known or proven to be true.

Example: Greenhouse gases are constantly being released into the atmosphere.



What does opinion mean?

A view or judgement formed about something.

Example: I believe that the expenditure money being invested in our educational institutions, will see us through this interval of academic despair.



What are statistics?

Numerical facts or data.

Example: An astounding 56% percent of the participants had given the indication into the fact that they would rather use their cars as means of transport as opposed to that of a bicycle.



What is a Rhetorical Question?

A figure of speech in the form of a question that cannot be answered.

Example: Would you walk away if mum only had twenty-four hours to live?



What is Emotive Language?



Deliberate choice of words in order to elicit emotion.

Example: Jack wept as his younger brother was mauled to pieces by a pack of wild dogs.


What is the first person narrative?

The narrative when the protagonist relates to the story through using the personal pronoun "I".

Example: I was enthralled by the high pitched and witty lyrics of the various football fan chants.


What is the third person narrative?

This particualr narrative is lead by a narrator who follows the thoughts and feelings of the chracters. The narrator refers to the characters as he, she and they.

Example: The clock had struck nine and Lillie was going home from the cinema. She opted for the shorter route through the alleyway, however little did she know the man who lived there was a demented lunatic.


What are the five senses?

There are five human senses touch, hear, smell, taste and sight. They are all used to convey a sense of imagery.

Example: The boy, stuck out his tongue, trying to rid his tongue of the brackish taste of carrots which sinked into his tongue.


What are short sentences?

Used to create tension or emphasize something in text.

Example: She died.



What is direct address?

The name of the person being spoken to.

Example: The doctor spoke in a whisper to Mr Rogrers as he did not want any one else to hear the bad news.


What is punctuation?

The sighns used to separte clauses or sentences to give them a clearer meaning.

Example: Tristan failed to revise for the exam; he achieved the owrst grade possible, a U.


What is elipsis?

The situation when words are left out from a sentence, but the reader is able to undersntad from context.

Example: "I could not even comprehend what just happened, it was..."


What is Jargon?

Special words or expressions used by a certain profession or group.

Example: While bankers pr stock marketers would say exponential gorwth normal people would say increase.


What is a hyperbole?

An extreme exaggeration used to make a point.

Example: I am literally dying.


What are puns?

A pun is a play on words.

Example: It seems that in recent years the amount of users of the stock market has skyrocketed in pursuit for the moon.


What is taboo language?

Humorous language in certain contexts, however in some contexts it is not permitted.

Example: The guy difinitely ploughed hia way through his troubling situation.


What is irony?

Language that is used to say one thing, but to mean the other.

Example: An E is a very good grade isn't it.


What is enjambement?

Enjambment is the continuation of a sentence without a pause beyond the end of a line, couplet, or stanza.


. "A thing of beauty is a joy forever:

Its loveliness increases; it will never

Pass into nothingness but still will keep

A bower quiet for us, and asleep

Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing." Keats, "Endymion"