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What is Structure?


  • Defined as the arrangement and relation between elements of a literary text.



What is a Complex Sentence?


  • A sentence that is constructed of a subordinate clause (dependent clause) and a main clause (independent clause).
  • Example: The car swerved toward Mrs. Jackson, who slipped off the pavement.



​What is a Compound Sentence?


  • This kind of sentence is constructed of two independent clauses, connected by a comma with a conjunction.
  • Example: There used to be a real me, but, I had it surgically removed.



What is a Declarative Sentence?


  • A declarative sentence states a fact or argument that ends with a full stop.
  • Example: There are five million people at risk.



What is an Exclamatory Sentence?


  • An exclamatory sentence is a more forceful version of a declarative sentence, as they tend to indicate feelings of excitement or frustration. They normally end in a full stop.
  • Example: You better come here now!



What is a Flashback?


  • A flashback is the is an interruption in a chronological sequence of an event during an earlier occurrence.
  • Example: In a story about a girl afraid of heights she, continually dwells upon the time she had fallen off a ladder.



What is a Prolepsis?


  • Prolepsis (flash-forward) is a scene that takes the narrative forward in time from the current point.
  • Example: In a story about an unpopular student in school, he fantasizes about making the football team.



What is an Imperative Sentence?


  • This is the kind of a sentence that makes a direct request, command, instruction or advice.
  • Example: You can go into the library however, stay clear of the teachers lounge.



What is an Interrogative Sentence?


  • This is a sentence that asks a direct question that ends with a question mark
  • Example: What will happen as a result of this investment?



What is Juxtaposition?


  • The case in which two characters, ideas or places are placed side by side for the purpose of developing comparisons and contrasts
  • Example: All's fair in love and war.



What is Repetition?


  • The act of repeating a word or idea that has been mentioned prior in the text.
  • Example: I don't...know what your talking about.



What is Sequence?


  • Particular order or arrangement of a literary text.



​What is a Simple Sentence?



  • A sentence that consists of one clause and one subject.
  • Example: The cat sat on the mat.



What is a Triplet?


  • A set or succession of three words used to describe the same thing.
  • Example: Marilyn Munroe was talented, beautiful, but also completely damaged.



What is Accumulation?


  • Defined as the listing of relatable scattered points. The listing is also known as congeries.
  • Example: "He schemed, he plotted, he lied, he stole, he raped, he killed, and he parked in the mother-and-child slot outside the supermarket despite having come on his own."