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Why must the innkeeper be ready to receive travelers at any hour of the day?

Timely lodging is a human necessity.


For what reasons can an innkeeper refuse accommodation? (6)

-The transient is more than minimally impaired
-the transient is carrying a serious, contagious disease
-the transient is known to cause damage or disturbances
-the transient is known for failing to pay
-the transient is likely to engage in illegal or immoral acts on the premises
-There are no rooms available


Under what circumstances might a hotel consider having floors designated for females?

-If the hotel is located in an unsafe part of town
-a remote area
-or female guests would be at risk for some other reason


Are all persons who frequent a hotel owed the same degree of care?

Guests are owed a higher degree of care than all others who visit a hotel. However, non-guests are still owed reasonable care. Even trespassers have rights .


How far does the security of the guest extend?

Under common law, innkeepers have a duty to protect the guests from the outsiders, other guests, staff, and even themselves.


According to the BC Hotel Keeper's Act, where must notice of statutory provisions limiting liability be posted?

In the office, public rooms and every guest room.
-Not legally required but recommended to post in the hotel's limp


What is a "surcharge"?

Amount added on to a usual charge for a specific product, purpose, or service.