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If you must "walk" a guest can they sue for breach of contract?

No, not if the alternative accommodation is comparable


Can a hotel deny someone who has no baggage?

Not practiced by hotels as much but can be done.

If they believe the room will be used for illegal purposes then they could use the absence of luggage to deny accommodation.


Under what circumstances can a hotel refuse service?

History of not paying, refusing to abide by house rules, disturbing the peace, immoral or illegal purposes.


What is price fixing?

When two or more suppliers conspire to set prices.


Can an innkeeper discuss w/ another hotel the rates they will charge next season?

Competitors may share information as long as they are not price fixing.


What is the purpose of house rules?

-Set a minimum behavior standards to govern conduct that is not already the subject of laws and codes.
-The rules should be clear, posted, and must not be discriminatory.


When can an innkeeper move a guest to another room?

-When there are reasonable ground for a move
-typically moved to stream line the hotel so all guests are on one floor or if there is a larger group staying at the hotel


Under what conditions can an innkeeper evict a guest from the hotel? (7)

-Eviction at end of stay
-persons of ill-repute
-disorderly conduct
-disturbing the peace
-carrying a contagious disease
-breaking house rules


Can an innkeeper demand payment at the time of registration?



What is uttering?

When a person, knowingly with intent to defraud, writes a cheque on a bank account with insufficient funds.


Is putting a lien on the luggage of a nonpaying guest a good idea? why or why not?

Sometimes it is the only way that payment or value will be received for services rendered. Generally, the good have little resale value.


When does the innkeeper not have the right to refuse accommodation?

The innkeeper cannot refuse accommodation to a qualified guest when there are rooms available
-i.e. not otherwise reserved or out of service for repairs or renos


Does the innkeeper need to tell the guest why they are being evicted?

NO! :p


What are the rules regarding liened/abandoned property?

-Must hold property for 1-3 months
-Innkeeper must advertise the sale (usually by auction) in the local newspaper at least a week B4 the action
-Ad must contain: the name of the guest, the amount of indebtedness
-Description of the property to be sold, the date, time and place
-Name of the auctioneer
-The proceeds will then be applied to the debt


Under what circumstances can an innkeeper refuse accommodation to a person with a pet?

An innkeeper can refuse all pets with the exception of seeing-eye dogs