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Def: A business established with the authorization to sell and or distribute a company's goods in a particular area.
Sig: The government granted us more rights such as the right to vote



Def: State elitists who were allowed to vote due to property requirements.
Sig: It led to more middle class people being elected in office


Spoils system

Def: It allowed men to buy their way into office.
Sig: Caused a very corrupted government.



Def: A caucus are the leaders of a small political organization
Sig: Caused for nomination of our presidential candidates.


American system

Def: A system that instilled for the purpose of stimulating the national economy.
Sig: Improved railroads, canals, and the preservation of the back of America


Internal improvements

Def: Term for public works, mainly for the creation of a transportation infrastructure.
Sig: Improved the country's natural advantages as transporation developed.


Corrupt bargain

Def: When John Quincy Adams was president a man named Henry clay supported him and then Adams made him Secretary of State, Andrew Jackson then claimed "corrupt bargain"
Sig: Checks and balances


Consolidated government

Def: A powerful and potentially oppressive national government.
Sig: Caused us to want more power to the people.


Tariff of abominations

Def: A tariff sought to protect northern industry's that were being driven out by cheap imported goods.
Sig: Damaged the souths economy and later led nullification crisis.



Def: Any laws passed by the federal government can be declared null and voided by states.
Sig: The southern states nullified the tariff of abominations.


Indian removal act of 1830

Def: The president granted unsettled lands west of the Mississippi in exchange for indian land,with existing borders.
Sig: Caused the trail of tears


Trail of tears

Def: When we forced the Native Americans to relocate off their land.
Sig: Caused reservations and the lowering of the Native population.


Classical liberalism

Def: Philosophy committed to the ideal of limited government and liberty of individuals.
Sig: Gave us freedom of speech, religion, assembly, and free markets.


Laissez afire

Def: It was a doctrine of no interference,especially by the government.
Sig: The government stayed out of business matters


Panic of 1837

Def: A major recession that lasted until the mid 1400s.
Sig: Profits, prices and wages plummeted while unemployment rose.


Specie circular

Def: Was meant to stop land speculation caused by states printing paper money with out gold or silver.
Sig: It stopped land speculation and the sales of public land went down sharply.


Ethnocultural politics

Def: Practice of voting along ethnic and religious lines.
Sig: It became a prominent part of American politics.