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Otto von Bismarck

German leader who wanted piece above all things once he had Germany united under wilhelm the first he saw France as the greatest threat to Germany he made an alliance with Austria hungry Italy and later Russia


Kaiser Wilhelm second

When his father dies he takes control and Germany as king will have the second wilhelm the first was his grandfather but his father was too ill to really take power


History of Serbia

Siri I had recently received independence from Austria hungry it wants to unite with other Slavic people which was supported by Russia but opposed by Austria hungry


Pacifist opinion on America entering the war

Felt America should keep peace


British propaganda

The British propaganda played up the German army being destructive when they raid


Espionage act

It’s illegal to not side with the USA with in the USA during World War I


Final obstacle removed

Russia overthrows Monarchy


War guilt clause

It’s Germany’s fall


American opinions on joining the war

Thought it was stupid because Europe is far away
Moms didn’t want their sons dead


Selective service act

The draft


Post war treaty opposition

The economies would destroy European economies one if imperialist was exchange for another some ethnic groups were not happy with new boundaries the biggest opposition was the league of Nations


Russia in the war

Russia pulled out of the war following their second revolution


War industries Board

Encourage modern technology so the material isn’t wasted


Palace of Versailles

Of peace negotiations are held there


Wilson’s 14 points

1-5 e aimed at avoiding future warfare e
No secret treaties, freedom of the seas, trade barriers abolish/lowered, global arms reduction, make colonies fair.

6-13 boundary divisions based off of ethnicity

14 League of Nationso


Who mobilize towards who and what why

Russia towards Austria hungry to help Serbia great

Britain towards Germany because of Belgium


The presidential election of 1916



Civil liberties and examples of violations

Anti-foreign sediment
espionage act
sedition act


Food administration

Save food for the war led by Herbert Hoover


Treaty of Versailles

Peace treaty at the end of World War I

Germany have to pay for war damages Germany had to give up their army Germany is held responsible Germany’s colonies are all stripped taking away their ability to even pay money


Committee of public information

Created to distribute propaganda to support America during the war the Boy Scouts were involved headed by George creed nice