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Real-time marketing

A planned tactical approach where brands make themselves relevant online during events or newsworthy occurrences by diving into conversations as they occur with aligned short term messaging that takes advantage of the current buzz


Social networks

Online websites that allow members to create a network of friends and contacts to share messages, comments, videos, and images as a form of self expression


Content Marketing

Creating and sharing information and expertise that is designed to inform and engage with tools such as research papers, e-books, info-graphics, how to videos, blogs and events that can readily be found by search engines


Social media marketing

Reaching out to consumers online through social networks where people connect with friends and contacts to share comments, articles, opinions, videos, and images as a form of self expression


Mobile Marketing

A set of practices that enables organizations to communication and engage with their audiences in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network


Out-of-Home advertising

Casually referred to as outdoor; reaches consumers outside the home in outdoor locations, in transit, or in commercial or business locations


Paid Media

The media time purchased so that messages can be disseminated through channels that are controlled by others


Owned Media

The media channels that a company controls, either fully or partially, such as a website, micro-site, or social media page that is used to directly communicate with consumers


Earned Media

The free publicity secured through unpaid media mentions and consumers who spread the word through word of mouth or the internet


Marketing communication agencies

broad spectrum integrated agencies or specialist agencies tat provide marketers with expertise on how best to communicate messages to their audiences


Outbound marketing

marketers seek out consumers by widely broadcasting messages using advertising, direct mail, e-mail, marketing, telemarketing, and personal selling approaches


Inbound marketing

When consumers fine a product and its messaging by using online techniques that marketers facilitate including search engine optimization, pay-per-click ads, and the use of social media to connect with consumers


Integrated marketing communications (IMC)

a communications approach that coordinates all promotional activities to provide a consistent message to a target audience


Marketing communication tools

Advertising, public relations, sales promotion, direct response, event marketing and sponsorship, and personal selling



A paid form of media used to communicate to consumers; includes broadcasts, print, out-of-home, and digital media


Display advertising

online ads using graphics video or animation


Banner ads

online ads that stretch across the top of a web page can take many forms including leader boards and sky scrapers



Banner ads at the top of a web page



Banner ads that are vertical along the side of a web page



Placing ads in video games


Pre-roll video advertising

The use of tv type ads placed before a video online


Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

Ads that appear in response to keyword triggers on search engines as well on some website, blogs and social media sites, where the advertiser pays only when the add is clicked


Public relations

A communications tool that seeks to influence the opinions and attitudes of target groups through the use of unpaid media exposure; targets the media in an attempt to generate positive publicity for a company, product, or individual



A non personal form of communication that appears in the media and is not paid for directly by the organization


Press release

An announcement written by an organization and sent to the media


Press conference

a planned event for representatives of the media are invited to an informational meeting with the company


Social media release

A multi media online press release platform that includes video, text, and images, as well as social media buttons for sharing on social network and comment areas, where viewers can leave comments


Sales promotion

A communications tool that provides short term incentives to generate interest in a product or cause and encourages purchase or support


User generated content (UGC)

Original online content that has been created by users in the form of blogs, posts, images, audio, or video


Augmented reality

the use of webcams or mobile devices to capture and image that is then supplemented with graphics, audio, video, or GPS data to provide additional information or an enhanced experience


Matrix 2D barcode

a two dimensional response code that when scanned by a mobile bar code reader or app provides additional information, launches websites, prompts downloads, sends text messages, or deploys messages


Consumer promotions

Short term marketing tools used to encourage immediate consumer purchase Ex) roll up the rim


Trade promotions

Short term promotional tools used to generate support with wholesalers, distributor or retailers


Direct response

A marketing communications tool designed to communicate with consumers one on one and elicit a direct action either online or offline


Lead generation

The requests for additional information that result from direct response marketing


Traffic generation

The visits to a location or website that result from direct response marketing


Event marketing

The creation or involvement of a brand in an experience or occasion that will heighten its awareness, create positive associations, and generate desired response



when an advertiser pays a fee in exchange for inclusion in an event involvement in its advertising opportunities, or exposure within the even itself


Personal selling

The two way flow of communication between a buyer and seller, often face to face or facilitated through communication devices, to influence an individual or group, purchase decision


Relationship selling

The practice of building long term loyalty from customers based on a sales persons attention and commitment to customer needs over time


Word of mouth marketing

the spread of positive messages about a product by listening to consumers identifying influential individuals that can spread the word, and making it easier for them to do so


Product placement

the inclusion of a product in a movie or tv program in return for payment


Branded entertainment

the creation of an entertainment program, such as a tv episode, that is highly focused on a brand in exchange for a payment


Search engine marketing (SEM)

includes the use of search engine optimization and pay per click advertising to market on search engines


Search engine optimization (SEO)

insuring that websites are written,indexed, and coded so that they are highly rated and ranked by the search engines



promotional websites created for short term promotional purposes, often allowing consumers to enter contests and access promotional information


Corporate website

websites that provide corporate and brand information to consumers and the media


Affiliate marketing

When companies promote their businesses through a network f online associates (affiliates) to drive traffic, leads and purchases


Permission based e-mail

when a recipient chooses to receive email from a marketer



unsolicited e-mail


Push strategy

when marketers focus communication on the distribution channel to gain support from retailers, distributors, and wholesalers


Pull strategy

when marketers focus communication efforts on ultimate consumers to build awareness, trial, and demand for a poduct


Customer advocacy funnel

a communications approach that takes consumers down a path of initial product awareness through to brand advocacy


Re-Targeted adds

display adds that add networks re direct to a computers I.P. address when a consumer previously clicked on an add but did not respond to its contents


Consumer touch points

the points of interaction that can be used to connect with consumers, including personal time in the home, shopping time, workplace situations, social situations, travel time, and even face to face product time


Promotional mix

the selection of promotional tools used to communicate with a target market