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What two sea routes did forty-niners take to California?

Some went by sea to Central America, crossed to the pacific and took a ship to California, others went by completely by sea around the southern tip of South America


What were the five provisions of the Compromise of 1850?

1. California he admitted as a free state
2. The slave law be abolished by the District of Columbia
3. Federally enforced fugitive slave law be adopted
4. That slavery in the District of Columbia be protected
5. The new territories of New Mexico, and Utah be organized with reference to restrictions of slavery


Why did some Northerners who were not abolitionists oppose the Fugitive Slave Law?

He feared the lack of safe guard in the law can result in free blacks getting kidnapped just to go right back to slavery


What was the single most important piece of abolitionist propaganda? Who was its author?

Uncle tom's cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe


Why did Stephen Douglas propose the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

He wanted to organize the territories west of the Missouri to build a transcendental railroad he wanted to win southern support for the effort


What three events during the period of May 21–25, 1856, focused national attention on Kansas?

-The shaking of Lawrence Kansas
-the Sumter brooks episode
-the Pottawatomie massacre


What did the Dred Scott decision do to the Missouri Compromise?

He declared it unconstitutional because it deprived slave owners their property in territories north of 36' 30


Why did Stephen Douglas break with President James Buchanan?

Because Buchanan tried to force a proslavery constitution on Kansas although the majority of the settlers there were antislavery


How did Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas differ concerning the expansion of slavery?

-Douglas believed it was a matter between the settlers of the territories to decide for themselves.
-Lincoln opposed all expansion of slavery


Why did John Brown raid the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry?

He wanted to supply arms for a slave revolt in the south


Name the four presidential candidates and their parties in the election of 1860.

Abe Lincoln-republican
Stephen Douglas-northern democrat
John C. Breckensen- southern democrat
John Bell-constitutional union


Which was the first Southern state to secede from the Union? When did it secede?

South Carolina-December 20, 1860


What event marked the beginning of the Civil War?

The firing on fort Sumter


What view of the status of slavery in the territories was expressed in the Wilmot Proviso? the Calhoun Resolutions? popular sovereignty?

-Wilmot proviso prohibited slavery in the territories acquired by Mexico
-Calhoun resolution wanted to protect slavery in all territories
-popular sovereignty allowed people to decide for themselves