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Still upset of their loss in the Franco-Prussian War, France wanted to recover...

their lost territories of Alsace and Lorraine


What was the Schlieffen Plan designed to avoid?

a war on two fronts


How did Germany encourage Austria's actions after the assassination of the archduke?

Germany backed Austria with a "blank check," giving the Austrian leaders confidence in their course of action


Which nations made up the Triple Entente?

France, Russia, Britain


What was the intention of forming alliances?

To promote peace by creating powerful combinations that no one would attack


In order for the Schlieffen Plan to work...

Germany had to defeat France quickly


Why did Britain declare war?

Britain had an agreement guaranteeing Belgian neutrality


Why were young men on both sides eager to fight when World War I started?

Because of a renewed sense of patriotism


Which of the following was a major cause of rising international tensions in the early 1900s?

competition for colonial territories


Leading to the arms race in Europe prior to World War I was militarism, or...

the glorification of the military


Lots of new technology emerged during World War I. Which two new or improved weapons were deadly to the soldiers?

the long-range artillery gun and rapid-fire machine gun


Why did Japan make and alliance with Britain and join into World War I?

To seize German outposts in China and islands in the Pacific


European colonies were drawn into World War I. What did the colonies expect for their service in the war?

Citizenship or independence


The Italians had a defeat as disastrous as the Russian defeat in 1914. Where was the Italian defeat which was caused by a major offensive by the Austrians and the Germans?
a. Gallipoli
b. Tannenberg
c. Dardanelles
d. Caporetto

d. Caporetto


What advancing technology led to the use of tanks, airplanes, and submarines against each other?

gasoline-powered engine


T.E. Lawrence played a key role in...

the Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire


How did new weapons make trench warfare necessary?

Trenches were dug to protect soldiers from shells and waves of bullets


Which of the following had the greatest impact on the outcome of the war?
a. zeppelins
b. u-boats
c. tanks
d. poison gas

b. u-boats


Of all of the great powers of the world during World War I, which was the least industrialized and most poorly equipped to fight a modern war?



Poison gas was first used in 1915 by Germany. The gas blinded and choked it victims. It was effective, but uncertain because of...

shifting winds


International law allowed blockades to confiscate contraband. What items were not seen as contraband?

food and clothing


How did Germany strike at Britain's economy?

Germany tried to stop the flow of goods to Britain by using submarines to sink ships.


After hearing about the overthrow of the Russian tsar, what did the Allies hope would happen?

They would institute a democratic government


What started in St. Petersburg, that eventually lead to a revolution in which the Russian monarchy was overthrown?

bread riot


What were some of the terms of Wilson's Fourteen Points? Choose more than one
a. Free trade
b. no secret treaties
c. Freedom of the seas
d. arms reduction

All of them


What idealistic reasons did President Wilson use when asking Congress to declare war on Germany and also later on?

as a war to end war and to make the world safe for democracy


In the middle of the war Germany was able to concentrate its forces on the Western Front because....

the Russian's withdrew from the war


Why were people tired of war by 1917?

there were many casualties, food shortages, and few decisive victories


Universal military conscription was imposed in every warring nation but Britain. What did conscription require?

All young men to be ready for military or other service.


In 1917, what event boosted the morale of the Allies?

The United States joined the war.