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What are 3 natural recourses, their use and alterative synthetic product?

- wool = clothes + carpets, acrylic fibre
- cotton = clothes + textiles , polyester
- silk = clothes, nylon


What is a finite resource?

a non-renewable resource


What is the difference between a finite resource and a renewable resource?

finite resources come in limited supplies where as renewable resources are replenished naturally over relatively short periods of time


What is sustainable development?

its improving our quality of life without damaging the quality of life for future generations by, development that is conducted without depletion of natural resources


What is potable water?

water that is safe to drink


What is waste water?

water that has been used in a home or business or part of an industrial process


What is the process of sewage treatment?

sewage arrives - pumping station - primary sedimentation(- sludge digestion - fertilizer+solid fuel - generate electricity) - biological treatment - secondary sedimentation(- sludge digestion - etc...)(or) - cl2/o3/UV (water can be disinfected/sterilized at this point) - effluent


What does LCA stand for?

life cycle assessment


what are the stages of a LCA?

raw material - manufacture/packaging/distribution -use/reuse/maintenance - recycle/waste management


What are the 2 input of the LCA?

- raw materials
- energy


What are the 4 outputs of the LCA?

- atmospheric emissions
- waterborne wastes
- solid wastes
- coproducts