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What are the two ways of measuring the rate of reaction?

- The rate at which a reactant is used up
- The rate at which a product is formed


What is the equation for the rate of reaction?

amount of reactant used or amount of product formed / time taken


When will the rate of reaction increase?

- temperature increases
- concentration of a dissolved reactant is increased
- solid reactants are broken into smaller pieces
- a catalyst is used


What must happen for a chemical reaction to occur?

the reactant particles must collide


What happens if a collision has too little energy?

a chemical reaction doesn't take place


What does the rate of reaction depend on?

the rate of successful collisions between the reactant particles


What happens if there are a lot of successful collisions?

the faster the rate of reactant


What happens to the atoms when molecules collide?

they break


When a collision is successful what must the particles have and what is it called?

they must possess enough energy, called the activation energy


If the temperature is increased what will happen to the collisions?

there will be more energy in the collisions and will have more activation energy