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What are prior authoritative court rulings upon which law is based ?



What term means the revelation of God's law through Scripture ?

Revealed Law


What term means conformity to God's divine character as revealed in the Bible ?



To whom did English common law apply ?

Whole kingdom


What is the name given to the judicial system that has both state courts and federal courts ?

Judicial Federalism


What term means the right of a court to hear a case first ?

Original jurisdiction


In most states, what type of jury indicts, or charges, accused criminals ?

Grand jury


In most states, what type of jury hears cases and denies their outcomes ?

Petit jury


When does the Supreme Court session begin ?

First Monday of October


Who was responsible for the compilation of the Corpus Juris Civilis ?



What is the term for making judicial decisions based on previous rulings ?

State decisis


What is the most famous ancient collection of laws ?

Code of Hammurabi


What is the first codification of Roman law called ?

Law of the Twelve Tables


Which Supreme Court cased decided the presidential election of 2000 ?

Bush v Gore


Which Supreme Court case ruled segregation illegal in schools ?

Brown v Board of Education


Which chief justice brought strength and prestige the Supreme Court ?

John Marshall


A _________ opinion of a Supreme Court justice is when the Justice agrees with the majority or minority for different reasons than those presented in the decision or dissent



Explain why the implementation of common law was beneficial to the new American republic

It was based on experience and not the decree of a ruler. It was not created by a ruler, but was the source of his power. It was reflective of Christian values


Describe the U.S. federal court system

It was 3-tiered. Top is the Supreme Court. Below that are the appellate courts (12 circuit courts of appeals). St the bottom are the district court (94 of them)


Discuss the workings of the U.S. Supreme Court

Sessions begin each year on the first Monday in October and generally go through June. Most cases get to the Supreme Court by unit of Certiorari. The justices meet on Friday and Wednesday afternoons to discuss the cases they will hear and one they have already heard. They hear cases on Mon-Wed. Lawyers have 1 hour (30 min on the side) to present their cases to the court. For 2 weeks the justices hear cases, and then during a 2 week recess, they write up their decisions. The majority opinion is drawn up for the winning side and the dissenting opinion is written up for the losing side. Justices may also write up concurring court. If they agree with either side's ruling but for different reasons