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Fire Sprinkler Exceptions

1) do not apply to any AG building
2) do not apply to other detached group U buildings on a case-by-case basis in writing by the fire chief
3) do not apply to building classified as group S-2 on a case-by-case basis by the fire chief


Modification to Commercial Building outside the urban limit line exception for sprinklers

less than 500 square feet and less than 5,000 square feet total after the modification


Modification to Residential building outside of the urban limit line exception for sprinklers

less than 1,000 square feet and less than 5,000 square feet total after modification


Sprinkler exceptions

Code does not apply to any AG building


Automatic Fire Sprinkler Locations

1) All new one and two family dwellings
2) new buildings and structures with a final floor plan of 5,000 square feet or more
3) new buildings and structures located outside the urban limit line
4) modifications to existing buildings with a final floor plan of 5,000 square feet
5) modification to existing buildings outside the urban limit line


If conflict, which provision controls?

The more restrictive


What are permit fees based on?

The average amount of staff time required for inspection, processing and issuance of each permit


What does SBCoFD enforce pertaining to HAZ-MAT

Any statute, rule, regulation, resolution, order or ordinance imposed upon the county or health department


What are the Articles in Chapter 15

A Wise Man Always Fights Very High
wildland urban interface areas (reserved)
mitigation fees
automatic sprinklers (reserved)


Why do we charge mitigation fees?

imposed on all building permits to pay a pro-rata share of the replacement cost of fire apparatus and equipment


What is AG waste?

empty sacks or containers which contained pesticides provided they are intimately related to growing or harvesting crops


Residential Burn Times

7:00 - 5:00
Dead out by 5:00
No new material added after noon


Residential permits can burn?

leaves, weeds, grass, brush, shrubbery and tree pruning grown on the property


What are the residential burn months

Feb, May, Aug, Nov


What are approved ignition sources for burn piles

matches, road flares, propane lighters, propane torches, and drip torches


Who should attend burn piles

1 competent adult with means to call for help if needed


How much are burn permits

50 dollars per year


AG waste burn times

can be on a no burn day
can commence at sunset
no new material shall be added after 2 hours before sunset


No fire shall be started when...

it is unsafe due to weather conditions likely to spread fire, cause a hazard to traffic, be a nuisance, or excessive air pollution


When can the burner call the fire station

before starting the fire
5-7 the evening before
7-12 the morning of the burn day


When should the burner call the burn line?

5 the day before the intended burn


Can you burn on sunday or holidays



County Chapter 15 construction exception

AG buildings not exceeding 3,000 sq feet used to house farm equipment, hay, grain, poultry, or livestock. It cannot be lived in, worked out of, or used for the public, contain electricity, plumbing, or structural features.


Photovoltaic access exceptions

if either horizontal axis of the building is 250 feet or less, clearance around them is a minimum of 4'


Access around photovoltaic Systems

minimum of 6 foot perimeter around the edges of the roof measured from the exterior bearing walls of the building to the nearest panel


Photovoltaic System Exceptions

County code does not apply to 1 or 2 family dwellings


What is the size of Commercial Buildings #'s

Minimum of 6" high with a minimum stroke of 1"


What is the size of residential address #'s

minimum of 3" high with a minimum stroke of .5"


How does the cost of removing a fire hazard get collected

It is added onto taxes assessed against the parcel


How long do official records need to be retained

No less than 5 years


What is a Fire Protection Certificate (FPC)

The application for review of any new building or structure that requires a permit, any residential that adds 1,000 sq feet, any commercial that adds 500 sq feet, or review of any changes to a protection system


What criminal action can be taken

If guilty of violating Chapter 15 a person may be filed as a misdemeanor or infraction at the discretion of the DA


Delinquent Fees

if not paid within 30 days:
first 60 days 10% for each fee
next 30 days 15% for each fee
outside of 90 days it is turned over to the DA


A person owning, leasing, or controlling a structure with combustible materials, grass, shrubs, trees, must...

1) maintain 30 ft firebreak
2) maintain reduced fuel zone from 30-100 ft
3) remove portion of tree within 10' of the outlet of a chimney or stovepipe
4) maintain overhanging trees from dead or dying wood
5) keep roof clean of leaves, needles, or other dead growth
6) stay compliant with Ca public resource code(4291) and Ca. gov code(51182)


What is the order to abate fire hazard process

1) certified mail written copy sent to owner
2) written order posted on the residence
3) should be posted at least 10 days prior to the board meeting
4) if the board agrees, they direct the fire chief to abate the hazard


Exception for hazard clearance

- not to apply to AG crops or vegetation that is well pruned and maintained
- shall not result in the taking of endangered rare, or threatened plants or animals
- shall not contribute to significant erosion


What is the reduced fuel zone

a fire break within 30 feet and between 30 and 100 feet from each building or structure grass and vegetation must be shorter than 18"


Who can seize, take, or remove fireworks in violation of CCR title 19

Fire Code Official