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Whats a good way to explain to a customer why are not getting the 2500 Mbps the box told them they would get?

1. Throughput capabilities of 802.11a/b/n/ac
2. Explain full\half duplex.
3. Overhead and aggregate throughout.


Questions to ask during the client interview process?

1. What applications will be used over the WLAN? (Large data size, VoIP, )
2. Who will be using the WLAN? (Sometimes you will need to segregate your traffic for security reasons, using different SSID's).
3. What types of devices will be connecting to the WLAN? (Will client be allowed to connect BYOD to the network, VoWiFi phones are always placed into a separate VLAN).


Why is planning for capacity a must?

Because of the explosion of the wireless client industry. Smart phones, tablets, many many users now need WiFi.


Whats a good number of clients per AP for usage of browsing and email?



What are 3 questions that need to be asked regarding User and Device Density prior to a survey?

1. First, how many users currently need wireless access? How many Wifi devices will they be using?
2. Second, how many users and devices may need wireless access in the future?
3. Where are the users currently?


Why are existing transmitters important to know about?

Because of the possibility of 2.4 GHz wireless headsets and bluetooth wireless keyboards and mice.


How many voip clients can a CISCO AP handle on the 5Ghz band at 24 Mbps (Rough)

27 at once.


What are some questions that are asked when conducting a site survey that the client states is having issues?

Are there issues with roaming, speed, disconnects? What part of the building is having issues? What equipment is installed?


Why is it important to ask for wired infrastructure documentation prior to WLAN deployment?

1. Because depending on AP count the client may need additional switches or patch panels.
2. Also, the capabilities of his switches are important if you need to create VLANS.
3. What is the power budget of the switches?


What should you do with a guest network?

1. Segment out the traffic to gateway only.
2. Throttle the traffic.
3. Install captive portal with legal language


Where are some locations that blueprints can be located?

The most obvious is the customer.
Fire Escape Maps
City Hall or the Fire Department
Original Architect Firm


What is becoming a requirement for school wireless networks with the 1:1 student iPad ratio?

Density requirements specify that one AP per classroom is quickly becoming the norm.


Where were the earliest wireless networks installed at?

Warehouses for inventory collection.


What is planned for in a warehouse? What band is used?

Coverage, not capacity, is usually the main objective when designing a wireless network in a warehouse. Warehouses are filled with metal racks and all sorts of inventory that can cause reflections and multipath.


What do metal chain link fencing do to RF signals?

Indoor chain-link fences that are often used to secure certain areas will scatter and block a 2.4 GHz RF signal.