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Wobbling bits can harm the electric file or causes damage to the clients nails and the nail professional to develop ________

A.) CTD cumulative trauma disorder


Grooves carved into the nail by filing with bits at the incorrect angle are known as _________

D.) Rings of fire


Cone-shaped bits are slim, long, tapered, and __________ so they can be used at the cuticles and underneath the nail

D.) Pointed


Backfill bits come in two sizes: small ______ the size of a barrel bit and medium _______ the size of a barrel bit

A.) 1/4; 1/2


Pedicure bits are used on _________ speed.

B.) slow to medium


The bullet bit is a small, slender bit that is available in a flat-topped or round-tipped version and is similar to the _________



There are 4 types of carbide bits including one-way, cross-cut, pointed flutes that cut into both directions, and _________

B.) Traditional


A shorter come-shaped bit that's designed with a flat top and can be used to shape the top surface of the nail and to cut maintenance on small nails at a flat angle is known as _________

A.) tapered barrel bit


When performing finishing work with the electric file, it is recommended that you move from _________ bits

C.) coarser to finer to coarser


When practicing cuticle work, place the bit at the cuticle area, holding the bit at a slight angle so that the top and at least _________% of the bit is making contact with the nail

A.) 50


When electric violin the smallest does particles are caused by _________

C.) sanders or sleeves


To reduce the amount of hear created when using an electric file it is recommended that you _________

A.) Adjust the speed of the machine slightly higher


To prevent grabbing it is recommended that you keep the bit parallel to the nail, angle the finger to file the sides of the nail and use bits with _________ such as safety style bits

C.) rounded


Common causes of free edge separation include product breakdown, the clients treatment for the nails and _________

C.) Product age


When a nail enhancement ages with wear and becomes brittle and develops tiny cracks, it's called _________

B.) micro shattering


When washing metal file bits prior to disinfection rinse them with _________

A.) warm water