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The point where the free edge of the natural nail meets the tip and where the tip is adhered to the nail is known as the _________

C.) Position stop


If you do not have a tip that fits the clients nail exactly it is recommended that you use a slightly _________ tip and bevel it to fit

D.) Larger


Wrap resins are made from _________ and are closely related to those used to create other types of nail enhancements

B.) Cyanoacrylate


_________ wraps are made from a closely woven heavy material

A.) Silk


Fabric wrap is the most popular type of nail wrap because of its _________

B.) Durability


_________ wraps are made from a very thin synthetic mesh with a loose weave

D.) Fiberglass


_________ wraps made from a thin natural material with a tight weave that becomes transparent when wrap resin is applied

A.) silk


Paper wraps are _________ and very simple to use

C.) Temporary


Another term for wrap resin accelerator is _________

D.) Activator


Activators are available in several different forms including brush on bottle pump spray on and _________

D.) aerosol


In addition to the basic materials on the manicuring table you will need adhesive backed fabric small scissors wrap resin wrapped resin Excelerator a nail buffer and _________ to perform a nail wrap application

A.) a small piece of plastic


Structurally correcting the nail wrap enhancement to ensure its strength shape and durability is commonly referred to as _________

B.) Rebalance


No light gel's have the same chemical composition as wrap systems with wrap resin and can be used with a _________ activator to harden or cure the adhesive

A.) Spray-on


When cutting a stress strip it should measure _________ in length



A _________ is a piece of fabric cut to completely cover a crack or break in the nail

B.) repair patch


In a nail wrap application procedure when is the wrap material cut to the approximate width and shape of the nail plate?

D.) before removing the wrap backing


In a nail wrap application procedure once the fabric is secure on the nail glue small scissors to trim the fabric _________ inch away from the side walls in the free edge

C.) 1/16


In a nail wrap application procedure to seal the free edge and prevent lifting and tips separation _________

A.) apply a second coat of wrap resin


In a nail tip application procedure after shaping and refining the nail wrap _________ is applied before buffing

C.) Nail oil


It is recommended that you use _________ to remove a clients nail polish during the fabric wrap maintenance procedure

C.) non acetone polish remover


When removing fabric wraps the acetone level in the small glass bowl should be approximately _________the nail wraps

A.) 1/2" above


Linen wraps are _________ and require a colored polish to cover it completely

D.) Opaque


A _________ wrap is lightweight and has a smooth appearance when applied to the nail

C.) Silk


When applying nail tips an abrasive should be used to shape the free edges of the natural nails to match the shape of the nail tip to the _________

B.) Stop Point