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As essential component

An essential component of the management of nursing units

Allows health care managers to maximize the use of caregivers who are educated at multiple levels


The goal of delegation

To meet the cost restraints of limited health-care budgets by using less expensive personnel that maximize the use of time by RNs and promote teamwork



The designation of competent to the responsibility of carrying out a specific group of nursing tasks in the provision of care for certain clients



The intital direction and periodic evaluation of a person performance as assigned task to ensure that he or she is meeting the standards of care



Designating tasks for ancillary personnel that fall under their own level of practice according to facility policies, position descriptions and, if applicable, state practice act (licensed practical nurse and licensed vocational nurse)


Nursing responsibilities when delegating

Asses the client
Know staff availability
Know the legalities in the nurse practice act
Know the job description
Educate the staff member


Delegation of the NCLEX

Need to know the person's skill level and education.

Know the job description

Evaluate the client's status


Delegation: RN to LPN

Lpn's cannot:
Do admission assessments
Give IV push medications
Write nursing diagnoses
Do most teaching
So complex skills
Take care of clients with acute conditions
Take care of unstable clients


Delegation: RN to unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP, CNA, and Aides)

Look for lowest level of skill required for the task

Look for the most uncomplicated task

Look for the most stable client

Look for the client with the chronic illness


Key skills for delegation

Clear communication

Careful monitoring

Assessing the client

Knowing staff avaliablility

Knowing the job description

Educating the staff member


Direct delegation

A specific decision made by the RN about who can perform what tasks


Indirect delegation

A list produced by the healthcare facility of tasks that certain healthcare personnel can perform

A form of covert institutional liscensure

Takes away much of the authority of the RN to assign personnel tasks

RN remains accountable for the safe completion of the tasks under then doctrines of respondent superior and vicarious liability