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Old immigrants

Between 1800-1880, more than 10 million immigrants came to the United States. Most were Protestants from northwestern Europe.


New immigrants

about 70% were from southern or Eastern Europe. Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian, & Slovak were among the nationalities represented. most of them were Catholics, Greek Orthodox, or Jewish. Arabs, Armenians, Chinese, French, Canadians, & Japanese also arrived by the thousands.



These accommodation's were below deck on the ship's lower levels near the steering mechanisms.
The quarters were very cramped, w/ little to no privacy as well a very poor ventilation.


Benevolent societies

Residents in many cities formed religious and nonreligious aid organizations. these orgaanizaations were meant to help immigrants in case of sickness, unemployment, & death.


Denis Kearney

He was he leader of a party called the Workingmen's party of California cried out that "THE CHINESE MUST GO." Although he himself was an irish immigrant.


Chinese exclusion act

Congress passed this act in 1882 which denied citizenship to people born on China and prohibited the immigration of Chinese laborers.


Immigration restriction league

This organization was founded in 1894 by wealthy bostonians.
They sought to impose literacy tests on all immigrants.


Grover Cleveland

H was the 22nd president of the United States of America.